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Top Ten Trends 2021

 11 Nov 2020

Innova Market Insights releases its Top Ten Trends for 2021, using its ongoing analyses of global developments in food and drink launch activity and the latest consumer insights to highlight the trends most likely to impact the food and drinks industry over the coming year and beyond.

This is the summary version of the Top Ten Trends for 2021 webinar. For the full version, please reach out to us at

25 Feb 2021 | FrieslandCampina Ingredients

Over the last year, consumers have increasingly sought to improve their immune health, especially via products with strong scientific substantiation. According to FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ webinar, a promising ingredient in this space is bioactive proteins derived from dairy’s whey fraction, such as... Read More

24 Feb 2021 | Cargill

In this latest webinar, we examine solutions to the challenges of removing functional ingredients such as sugar or animal-based ingredients. Meeting this need is INFUSE by Cargill™ – a new service offering model from Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers Europe. It tailors ingredient blends to answer... Read More

19 Feb 2021 | Symrise

Plant-based dairy alternatives are increasingly popular as health-conscious consumers seek sustainable products that are better for people and the planet. As environmental concerns grow, the plant-based space continues to expand, with more interest from manufacturers looking to boost their plant-based... Read More

09 Feb 2021 | Cargill

Today, consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of the food they eat and where the ingredients come from. They seek innovative, sensory experiences while clean label, plant-based, nutritional profile and sustainability continue to influence purchasing decisions. To meet this need, Cargill is uniquely... Read More

02 Feb 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Transparency, health, sustainability, hybrid innovation and modern nostalgia are driving NPD in the snacking space. However, there is a paradox as consumers seek both healthier options through lighter enjoyment, as well as pure indulgence and elevated sensory experiences.This is the summary version of the... Read More

08 Dec 2020 | FrieslandCampina Ingredients

This webinar from FrieslandCampina Ingredients details the latest science in the emerging field of the gut-brain axis. Experts explain the impact of nutrition on the microbiota and brain health, as well as the exciting opportunities to tap into this growing market.

01 Dec 2020 | KHNI

Food waste is a major issue and is caused by elements including distribution limitations, food safety and quality issues, along with misconceptions over when food is spoiled. In this Kerry Health and Nutrition webinar, experts explore how industry can better address wastage while maintaining the high quality... Read More

17 Nov 2020 | Symrise

Global consumers are getting more health-conscious. Recent studies show that the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified this trend. Consumers want to know what ingredients they contain, how farmers grow raw materials, and how it impacts the planet. This growing awareness of trust and traceability relates to the... Read More

10 Nov 2020 | Chr. Hansen Natural Colors

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on consumer behavior and trends. Lockdowns, social distancing and a heightened focus on hygiene are now an integral part of our new reality. The outcome of these changes will define consumer behavior in the near future – and potentially for some time to come.... Read More

03 Nov 2020 | Eurial I&N

Clean label standards are moving beyond the substitution of artificial additives or the removal of controversial ingredients. It’s also about offering transparency and authenticity to reassure consumers and win their trust. According to Eurial I&N, the European clean label market is booming, with increasing... Read More

19 Oct 2020 | CP Kelco

As consumers continue to seek cleaner labels citing fewer ingredients and various claims – from vegan, organic, and “free-from” to health-related benefits like reduced sugar – product innovations across condiments, dressings and soups are ever-evolving to meet these needs.

08 Oct 2020 | Kerry

Driven by the growing consumer passion for health and sustainability, sales of plant-based food and beverages show no sign of slowing down. Disruptive innovation has played a major role in driving the mainstream adoption of plant-based foods and there has been a massive consumer shift toward... Read More

01 Oct 2020 | Barry Callebaut

Plant Craft is Barry Callebaut's vegan and dairy-free range of indulgent chocolate, cocoa and nut products for food and beverage manufacturers. Watch chef chocolatier, Joël Perriard, demonstrate a deliciously decadent plant-based recipe from the Swiss giant's Chocolate Academy kitchen and learn more about... Read More

23 Sep 2020 | Innova Market Insights

As plant-based eating is moving from trend to food revolution status, the F&B industry is taking up the challenge to deliver more “clean label” alternatives. In this webinar, Tom Vierhile, VP Strategic Insights at Innova Market Insights, will present the key drivers and barriers surrounding plant-based... Read More

22 Sep 2020 | ADM

The booming interest in alternative proteins is driven both by shifts in buyers’ lifestyles and a deepening awareness of the importance of health and well-being. As the trend expands from niche to mainstream, consumer expectations for plant-based products continue to grow, and this presents a host of... Read More

08 Sep 2020 | Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute

Plant-based proteins are often perceived as being a healthier and more environmentally-friendly option and can play a key role in reducing the environmental footprint of food production systems. However, this should not overshadow that the over-reliance on a limited number of crops can cause issues such as... Read More

01 Sep 2020 | AtSource by Olam

Consumer interest in traceable food ingredients has never been as big as it is today. Worldwide, consumers demand more information about where their products come from and proof that what they purchase is safe and sustainable for both people and planet. In this webinar you will get a complete overview on how... Read More