Solmiko Advanced Milk Proteins

 13 Jun 2022

Solmiko is a range of Nutritional Milk Proteins providing all the nutritional properties you are looking for in better-for-you food and beverage applications. It is a one stop protein source which contains high levels of calcium and essential amino acids. Solmiko milk proteins demonstrate excellent flavour, solubility and heat stability making it suitable for a range of nutritional applications.

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This Video is from Tirlan Ingredients.

24 Apr 2024 | PureCircle by Ingredion

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17 Apr 2024 | UN Food and Agriculture Organization

Dr. Mphumuzi Sukati is a senior nutrition and food systems officer at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Ghana. He discusses the FAO’s recently released compendium identifying 100 underutilized crops, also referred to as the “forgotten foods of Africa,” which have the potential to boost... Read More

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11 Apr 2024 | Froot Pops

Froot Pops is a UK-based start-up that is tapping into the healthy indulgence market. The company has two SKU’s which are currently available in 20 retailers in London. Ana Martins, founder and CEO of the brand, says they only uses British-grown raspberries and Fairtrade Belgian chocolate.

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The Food Supply company presented a range of cookies, spice blends and ingredients from India. Showcasing the country’s legacy ingredients, Soranjeet Ahudja, company director, explains the importance of bringing these ingredients to life in unusual concepts, such as cumin and carom cookies.

09 Apr 2024 | Jefferson’s Ice Cream

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04 Apr 2024 | Eurogroup for Animals

Insect farming is touted as a promising pathway to more sustainable food systems and responsible protein production, but Eurogroup for Animals’ insects political adviser, Francis Maugère, warns the emerging industry serves to perpetuate intensive animal farming and its environmental and animal welfare... Read More

02 Apr 2024 | Lallemand Bio-Ingredients

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients exhibited its range of yeast ingredients designed for the savory snacking and meat spaces. According to Xavier Puyol, global accounts manager, yeasts are “smart” ingredients that are allergen-free, of non-animal origins, are friendly with religions and are easy to formulate with.... Read More

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Harnessing the power of Indian heritage and ancient grains, Healicious is a start-up presenting a range of millet concepts such as gluten-free pasta and alternatives to rice or cous cous. Aparna Chainani, co-founder, tells us: “We are making food products from millet. They are incredibly good for you, good... Read More

28 Mar 2024 | Cargill

At Natural Products Expo West (NPEW) we talked to Alyssa Leyva, Cargill’s product line manager for high-intensity sweeteners, about the company’s latest research on its stevia sweetener, finding no significant impact on gut microflora. She also highlighted how another study showed that consuming... Read More

27 Mar 2024 | Healy Group

Healy Group is showcasing its ingredient solutions for various applications, including reductions for salt, fat and sugar. Paul Sheldrake, group application & technical director, tells us how key market trends are driven by legislation across the F&B industry, such as HFSS rules. The company presented bakery... Read More

27 Mar 2024 | Melt&Marble

Melt&Marble’s CBO, Thomas Cresswell, delves into the transformative potential of precision fermentation in sustainable food production. He highlights their designer fats’ role in reducing environmental impact while offering comparable health benefits to traditional animal-derived fats. Cresswell outlines... Read More

27 Mar 2024 | Rivalz Snacks

At Natural Products Expo West (NPEW), we met up with Rivalz Snacks CEO Peter Barrick, who explained how the company used AI to tackle the problems of creating healthy and tasty, better-for-you snacks. The company aims to counter malnutrition by making snacks that taste, feel and do better than currently... Read More

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