Solmiko Advanced Milk Proteins

 13 Jun 2022

Solmiko is a range of Nutritional Milk Proteins providing all the nutritional properties you are looking for in better-for-you food and beverage applications. It is a one stop protein source which contains high levels of calcium and essential amino acids. Solmiko milk proteins demonstrate excellent flavour, solubility and heat stability making it suitable for a range of nutritional applications.

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This Video is from Tirlan Ingredients.

21 Mar 2023 | Reduced

Danish-based Reduced showcased its flavor enhancement umami drops based on upcycled production. The company uses local raw materials that usually goes to waste, such as vegetables that don’t need to fit the criteria in terms of size or appearance to be sold. Jørgensen highlighted two products – the... Read More

20 Mar 2023 | Kendamil

Kendamil’s line of halal and kosher goat milk-based early-life nutrition products comprises an infant formula, a follow-on milk and a toddler milk. In addition, it is marketed as an A2 milk, a label claim that has been picking up in recent years. Dylan McMahon, director at Kendal Nutricare division, comments... Read More

14 Mar 2023 | Jean Niel

Thomas Langlois, sales and marketing director for French flavor and fragrance supplier Jean Niel, showcased the company’s latest concept at this years BioFach. Presenting organic applications of ice coffee with tonka and caramel flavors as well as juice with verbena lime flavors, Langlois highlights the... Read More

06 Mar 2023 | Verger

Nuwan Delage, founder of Sri Lankan ingredients producer Verger, presented at BioFach sustainably sourced and traced organic herbs and spices from his home country. In tune with one of the big trends of BioFach, Delage talks up the importance and increasing market demand for traceability, as well as growing... Read More

06 Mar 2023 | ADM

Watch to see how ADM can help you create winning products that support consumers' holistic lifestyles. With our broad botanical portfolio, and our extraction and product development expertise, ADM is a full solutions partner you can trust to launch your next wellness product.

28 Feb 2023 | OneRare

OneRare, dubbed “the world’s first food metaverse,” is introducing the global food industry to Web3 in a gamified manner through an NFT economy game that involves cooperation and trade between play-to-earn gamers and NFT collectors. The company has partnered with celebrity chefs, popular cooking shows,... Read More

28 Feb 2023 | California Walnuts

Walnuts are 60% polyunsaturated good fats while being the only tree nut that is a source of plant-based omega 3. Pam Graviet, senior marketing director at California Walnuts, shares insights on their starring role in recipes. Compared to other tree nuts, their soft and meaty texture continues to deliver... Read More

21 Feb 2023 | Pronatec

Chocolate, spices, vanilla and semi-finished cocoa product innovations took the stage at the recently held BioFach 2023 as the Swiss organic and fairtrade pioneer presented its latest products following the opening of the world’s first purely organic cocoa processing factory. CEO David Yersin talks to us... Read More

20 Feb 2023 | Agrana Fruit

Michael Wieland, regional innovation manager for Agrana, presents the company's latest developments at Biofach 2023, showcasing plant-based ice creams such as vegan coconut with red berries and chai spices, a sustainable, creamy hemp vanilla yogurt and new breakfast options. He also talks about savory... Read More

17 Feb 2023 | EcoCatalysts

As consumers search for more environmentally sustainable and ethical products, F&B companies are expected to do more to lower their carbon footprint. ESG (Environmental Social Governance) is a comprehensive framework to help businesses identify opportunities and risks in the market. Robert Loftur-Thun,... Read More

15 Feb 2023 | Prinova

Tony Gay from Prinova unveils a new plant-based antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of yeasts, molds and bacteria. As part of the company’s PlantGuard range, PlantGuard AM tackles the challenges of micro build-up in products. It can be utilized instead of a synthetic version of antimicrobials that might... Read More

10 Feb 2023 | Nexira

Following its acquisition of Unipektin last year, Nexira has refined its locust bean gum (LBG) portfolio into select grades. The variety of LBG offerings dubbed naltive was designed to answer formulators’ individual needs for a pure white visual appeal or viscosity at low temperatures. Julie Imperato,... Read More

06 Feb 2023 | Arla Foods Ingredients

Mathias Toft, from Arla Foods Ingredients, discusses the recently developed hydration concept, demonstrating how whey protein can work with electrolytes. AFI uses its clear whey protein isolate and the right minerals to support rehydration for active people, whether those who work in the heat or the casual... Read More

23 Jan 2023 | ofi

Consumer research by olam food ingredients (ofi) finds that European consumers are incorporating more plant-based foods into their diet without cutting out real meat and dairy. The company highlights that 35% of consumers are dissatisfied with current plant-based offerings, and 8% drop out of the category... Read More

18 Jan 2023 | Ingredion

Many companies are realizing that formulating for sustainability is very complex, they might choose to go non-GMO, but that raises the carbon footprint, for example. Companies being able to show a balanced landscape of an ingredient, how it performs ethically as well as environmentally and functionally, is... Read More

16 Jan 2023 | Cargill

Two Cargill executives talk through the company’s latest solutions, including the launch of Cargill’s soluble fiber, based on wheat and corn fibers, produced in a recently opened factory in Poland. Cargill is targeting sugar reduction as well as fiber enhancement and how solutions can improve the NutriScore... Read More

13 Jan 2023 | DSM

Plant-based innovation continues to grow, with companies tackling taste, texture and health qualities, which are still limited in the category. Patrick Niels, executive vice president of food and beverage, explains how DSM is innovating with its Vertis line of plant proteins. The company also recently came... Read More