Powerful performance from plant-based proteins

 23 Nov 2020

ADM has been pioneering plant protein innovations for over 75 years. 

Our comprehensive portfolio and unmatched know-how give you the edge in delivering on-trend solutions for your customers.

As a global industry player offering proteins from over 30 plant sources, we are the ideal innovation partner for plant-based proteins.

29 Nov 2022 | The Protein Community & Food Valley

Leo Koning, community manager at The Protein Community & Food Valley, tells us how they support “game-changing” and innovative start-ups to grow in the plant-based field by connecting them with larger companies. He also notes that locally produced products are trending while the COVID-19 pandemic has been a... Read More

28 Nov 2022 | Bart

Bart’s CrispYeast product is obtained by gentle extrusion and roasting of inactive, dried Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. It is marketed as an addition to soups, salads, sandwiches, dressings, meat, poultry and dairy products. The company delves into its CrispYeast as a rich source of complete protein (above... Read More

25 Nov 2022 | Association of the European Coeliac Societies

The Belgium-based coeliac awareness coalition promoted several food safety schemes involving gluten-free labeling, such as the Crossed Grain Trademark, during the recent Free From Functional Food expo. The organization shares insights into how the trademark builds trust and transparancy for consumers seeking... Read More

25 Nov 2022 | Döhler

Döhler has developed fiber-based ingredients, such as a prebiotic topinambur (Jerusalem artichoke) juice powder, which delivers inulin to the digestive system. Thanks to its typical fruity and malty note, topinambur harmonizes with other ingredients when it comes to taste while also ensuring a pleasant... Read More

24 Nov 2022 | Meurens Natural

Meurens Natural is a manufacturer of cereal syrups, organic and conventional, to replace traditional glucose syrups. The process is deemed fully natural and free from chemical additives. At the Free From Functional Food Expo, the company explains how it is upcycling oat- and rice syrup side streams into... Read More

21 Nov 2022 | Tirlán Ingredients

Introducing Tirlán. The new name for Glanbia Ireland. Tirlán is a world-class food and nutrition business, with a first-class track record bringing produce from our family farms to global markets. Tirlán has evolved to bring the passion of its farmers and their high-quality milk and grains to the... Read More

14 Nov 2022 | Bartek Ingredients

EasyAcid™ Malic Solution is available in customized solids levels that is cost effective and easy to use. It eliminates the need to dissolve the acid, lowers the possibility of blending errors and reduces dust in the process. Find out more about how Bartek’s innovative technologies can optimize your beverage... Read More

08 Nov 2022 | De Care Group

Poland-based clean label food producer Yummity showcased its starchless pizza base mix at Sial Paris 2022. Michel Mej, senior export manager at Yummity, subsidiary of the De Care Group, tells FoodIngredientsFirst how the brand stays true to its objective of creating healthy, gluten-free products. Its... Read More

07 Nov 2022 | Barry Callebaut

In its latest “Renaissance of Cocoa” launch in Venice, Italy, Barry Callebaut showcased a new generation of redesigned chocolate that features 60-80% more cocoa and no masking agents. At the event, Bas Smit, global vice president of marketing, told FoodIngredientsFirst this reformulation fits into the... Read More

01 Nov 2022 | Gat Foods

Hila Bentman talks about functional beverages and how they are gaining in the alcoholic drinks space. Non-alcohol and low-alcohol alternatives are trending as health-prone consumers search for the highs of alcohol but without unwanted side effects. According to Innova Market Insights, 65% of millennials... Read More

26 Oct 2022 | Lallemand Brewing

Tobias Fischborn talks through the launch of an HS2-free lager yeast hybrid and a new nutrient based on yeast extracts which is organic certified and mainly developed for sugar fermentation of hard seltzer to give a cleaner flavor compared to chemical solutions.

24 Oct 2022 | US Meat Export Federation

Erin Borror talks about the challenges US meat faces after a record year for the country’s meat exporters. Inflation has not reached the exporters yet, however Borror expects the meat demand will be hit as consumers worldwide see their disposable income reduced.

20 Oct 2022 | Seara (JBS)

JBS brand, Seara is a large scale chicken products manufacturer intent on working directly with around 10,000 families running small scale farms. This enables the brand to maintain a level of transparency. João Campos details how quality is maintained across each touchpoint of the supply chain. 

18 Oct 2022 | GNT

At Drinktec 2022, GNT highlighted prebiotic innovations and the growing appetite for plant-based natural colors, including its latest yellow and green shades made from organic safflower and spirulina. Also, Gabriel Quarantelli, technical sales manager, talks about the growth opportunities in organic F&B.

17 Oct 2022 | Cargill

Cargill’s vegetable oils & fats solutions are enabling sustainable, reliable, cost effective milk fat replacement across the dairy category, without compromise on taste or texture. We’re your reliable, solutions-driven, innovation partner in dairy robustness! So whether you’re making analogues to cheese, ice... Read More

13 Oct 2022 | Kalsec

Jake Kirkendall, a scientist for hops and brew innovation at Kalsec, examines what technologies are driving the beverage space and how consumers are increasingly ditching artificial fruity flavors to seek a more authentic beverage experience. He also dives into Kalsec’s developments, including a beer with... Read More

10 Oct 2022 | Tirlán

Consumers want to know more about where their products come from, as well as the accreditation and substantiation of ingredients. Tirlán is tapping into today’s evolving demands, eyeing challenges as opportunities in relation to sustainability and the economic crisis we are currently facing. Meanwhile, the... Read More