Join us at SIAL, the world's largest food innovation exhibition

 08 Oct 2018

In this ever-evolving food culture, ADM is at-the-ready with the most on-trend, expansive and ever-expanding portfolio of flavorful, colorful, functional, nutritious and whole-food ingredients and the know-how to work with you to meet the needs of your brands, applications and target consumers. 

We look forward to seeing you at the SIAL 2018 in Paris.

October 21st - 25th, Paris,
Hall 7, stand F 245

18 Jun 2019 | Bell

Bell highlighted the potential for several African flavors in trending food concepts at IFT 2019, including a Senegalese based stew flavor idea that is being taken into a pizza delivery form utilizing caramelized onion, fresh lime. A West African chili sauce containing habanero flavor gives the concept a... Read More

17 Jun 2019 | Glanbia Nutritionals

Glanbia Nutritionals highlighted “bare flavors” at IFT 2019, which are based on extracts or essences from a given fruit, but possibilities in teas and coffees also exist. “When we look at the concept of natural flavors, what we see in the marketplace is a lot of nature identical and natural flavors. We want... Read More

16 Jun 2019 | Naturex

Naturex (now a Givaudan company) presented their Turmipure Gold solution. The ingredient is claimed to elevate turmeric to the next level by being instant water dispersible, 100 percent clean label and organic. It has a neutral taste a beautiful color, is very easy to formulate in beverages. It is also... Read More

14 Jun 2019 | ASR Group

ASR presented Sweet Essence M at IFT 2019, promoted as the “next generation” of high potency sweeteners. Originally extracted from the stevia leaf, Steviol Rebaudioside M is positioned as the best tasting non-nutritive sweetener found in nature. Through the fermentation of sugarcane and a partnership with... Read More

12 Jun 2019 | Puris

Puris offers pure plant proteins, starches, fibers and whole pulse flours, with Puris Texturized Pea Protein (TPP) highlighted at the IFT Food Expo 2019. “First and foremost, consumers want food that tastes good. By turning our great tasting TPP into something familiar like ground beef, it provides shoppers... Read More

11 Jun 2019 | Gat Foods

Gat Foods’ Fruitlift, the real-fruit based solution to replace refined sugars in RTE cereals, is advancing into the next phase of its go-to-market plan following its launch in March this year. Gat Foods will install a lab-scale extrusion plant to integrate Fruitlifit into various breakfast cereal... Read More

11 Jun 2019 | Kalsec

Kalsec used IFT 2019 to position the company as “heat management experts” with the Heat Up strategy presented. “We just conducted some consumer research that showed that consumers are eating hot and spicier foods more than ever before. But their preferences are changing and they are looking for more specific... Read More

11 Jun 2019 | Diana Food

Diana Food is now offering a line of USDA organic certified colors, claimed to demonstrate the next generation of their leadership in coloring foods. "From the blue shade of spirulina to the blueberry/raspberry shade of purple carrot, our portfolio of organic colors and customized organic blends brings... Read More

11 Jun 2019 | DSM

DSM showcased an “on-the-go” yogurt prototype created with DSM’s DelvoGuard protective cultures at IFT 2019. This culture range can help dairy producers meet consumer demand for clean labels and a longer shelf-life at both ambient and chilled temperatures, maintaining product freshness and unique taste and... Read More

11 Jun 2019 | Tate and Lyle

The US mainstream commercial adoption of allulose looks closer than ever after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it will allow the low-calorie sweetener to be excluded from total and added sugars counts on Nutrition and Supplement Facts labels when used as an ingredient in April 2019.... Read More

07 Jun 2019 | ADM

At the IFT Food Expo 2019 in New Orleans, FoodIngredientsFirst spoke with Alex Holste, Commercial Manager – ADM High Potency Sweeteners, about the company's efforts to enter the stevia extract arena.

05 Jun 2019 | AAK

From the floor of the IFT Food Expo 2019 in New Orleans, US, Henning Villadsen, Business Development Director at AAK speaks to FoodIngredientsFirst about the company's new platform, AkoPlant plant-based alternatives and how a sustainability approach will propel AAK further forward. “The plant-based aspect... Read More

03 Jun 2019 | Emsland

At Vitafoods Europe 2019, FoodIngredientsFirst spoke with Thomas Pruter, Director Research, Development & Innovation at the Emsland Group, about the company's efforts to expand pea protein to new applications. Under its Empro brand, the Emsland Group is offering a product line of pea-based proteins. With a... Read More

28 May 2019 | Kalsec

Kalsec’s experience in the hops business is supporting the company’s endeavors into creating craft flavors for an array of products, including craft beef sticks, pretzels and condiments. “The type of consumers interested in this space are the experimentalists, who are looking for new experiences. What craft... Read More

24 May 2019 | Red Arrow

Red Arrow is identifying new opportunities for smoked flavors in the industry. “Consumers want more authentic flavors and more authentic tastes that relate to what they are doing in their backyard, the barbecuing concepts. A lot of our flavors and our innovation are focused around that authenticity, that... Read More

22 May 2019 | Meat Cracks

Meat Cracks is exploring technical solutions for raw sausages. The company is working with fermented starters cultures and venturing into the culinary section, with the use of different spices but its main focus is on raw sausage technology, which combines its technology from the fermented starter cultures... Read More

17 May 2019 | Raps

A key area of focus for RAPS is reducing cooking time while maintaining taste and quality in their products. The company’s technologies allows for distinct flavor combinations such as coffee ham and asparagus ham. Georg Achterkamp, Director Research and Development for RAPS, tells FoodIngredientsFirst that... Read More