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Plant-based popularity: The growth continues

14 Sep 2020

As plant-based eating moves from trend to food revolution status, global consumer interest in plant-based ingredients is growing with 3 in 5 wanting to incorporate more into their diets. Continued growth has led to many different ways of approaching plant-based innovation, but health remains the biggest driver for buying alternatives.

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01 Jul 2021 | Uelzena Ingredients

Ethical practices and fair trade are increasingly addressed in NPD. Chocolate products are particularly standing out, while bakery products with fair trade claims are also on the rise. Products with fair trade and plant-based claims are also increasing.

01 Jun 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Sauces & Seasonings is the top market category for fruit and vegetables, with Asian sauces standing out in the market. The fastest-growing market categories of food and beverage launches tracked with fruit and vegetable ingredients (Global, CAGR 2016-2020) are Sports Nutrition (+15%), Alcoholic Beverages... Read More

17 May 2021 | Beneo

There is an ever-growing demand for better-for-you snacks. An Innova Market Insights consumer survey shows a 42 percent increase in consumers in Europe saying they try to make sure they choose a 'healthier alternative' when they want to have a treat. NPD in the snacking space shows there are healthy... Read More

01 Apr 2021 | Innova Market Insights

About one out of three desserts carry a health claim in 2020, with half of the global desserts with a health claim being launched in Europe. Dairy-based Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt maintain the top position with 37 percent of dessert launches tracked with a health claim in 2020. Meanwhile, Non-dairy Ice Cream... Read More

01 Mar 2021 | Innova Market Insights

There has been a steady rise in launch activity featuring citrus flavors with transparency claims featuring heavily. Soft drinks and bakery together account for more than 2 in 5 F&B launches with citrus flavors, while Sauces & Seasonings is the fastest growing market category (+15%). Energy/alert claims are... Read More

08 Feb 2021 | Innova Market Insights

There is a steady rise in launch activity featuring cocoa ingredients, while cocoa/chocolate provenance claims are on-trend. Confectionery is a leading category accounting for more than 1 in 3 F&B launches with cocoa. However, Sports nutrition is highlighted as the fastest growing market category, with a 21... Read More

07 Jan 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Global markets show an uptick in demand for alternative proteins, with continuous development expected throughout 2021. Cereals continue to lead with the use of alternative proteins spreading across other categories, including dairy, soft drinks, ready meals and more. Meanwhile, clean label claims are... Read More

01 Dec 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Fermented food and beverage launches are on a growth path with a rise in launches with a “fermented” preparation method. Kombucha fermented drinks are on-trend with a +35% average annual growth in kombucha launches tracked (Global, CAGR 2015-2019). Fermented foods are often spotted in the form of dairy/dairy... Read More

02 Nov 2020 | DuPont

As consumers increasingly look to add plant ingredients to their diets, traditional products from yogurts to cheeses are getting a vegan update. Texture and taste are key aspects promoted to consumers as they look for premium offerings.

19 Oct 2020 | Carbery

Sports nutrition products are increasingly consumed, with 2 in 5 consumers upping their intake and 39 percent saying they are consuming more sports nutrition products than last year. There is global growth of sports powder launches with a 25 percent increase in Europe and a 17 percent spike in North America.... Read More

05 Oct 2020 | Beneo

Consumers were already on a path to improve various health needs through food and drinks, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven up the need for healthy NPD with wellness in mind. The pandemic has bolstered focus on overall health and immunity, and consumers looking to support a more healthy lifestyle... Read More

21 Sep 2020 | Prova

New launches with vanilla applications are experiencing a steady rise with Europe leading the way for vanilla-flavored launches. Bakery has overtaken desserts and ice cream as the most-used category for vanilla flavor. Meanwhile, gluten-free is the top positioning claim for vanilla-flavored launches with a... Read More

07 Sep 2020 | Uelzena ingredients

Chocolate, confectionery and ice cream manufacturers are increasingly demanding suitable ingredients to keep pace with today's mindful consumers seeking clean labels, organic, sugar reduction and more. Statistics show a 21 percent increase in chocolate, confectionery & ice cream launches with a sugar-related... Read More

12 Aug 2020 | Innova Market Insights

There has been a steady rise in F&B featuring dried ingredients, with a 4 percent annual growth (2015-2019). Europe leads the way with new product development in dried ingredients with a 50 percent increase in NPD (2015-2019). The top market category for dried ingredients is Ready Meals and Side Dishes,... Read More

01 Jul 2020 | Innova Market Insights

As key additives in growingly prevalent plant-based nutrition options, enzymes are having a moment in the spotlight. Xylanase, often used in wheat flour for improving dough handling and general quality of baked products, is pegged as the fastest growing ingredient in this category. Novel functional enzymes... Read More

02 Jun 2020 | Innova Market Insights

The beer and wine market remains stable in terms of launches, with newly launched offerings with functional ingredients, such as CBD and ashwagandha, playing into Innova Market Insights' #8 Top Trend, "A Star is Born." Non-alcoholic wine is gaining momentum, pegged by the market researcher as the fastest... Read More

01 May 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Hydrocolloids are used in a myriad of products, countries and parts of the processed food supply chain. Competition in the “convenience” market is expected to further intensify with new innovative techniques to produce and position the hydrocolloid products. Meanwhile, growth in the plant-based market is... Read More