Emmi launches new line of desserts in line with “sensible indulgence”


14 Sep 2017 --- The current trend for healthy eating and sensible indulgence is closely linked to that of practical, time-saving convenience products, therefore ready-to-eat desserts are extremely popular. Swiss dairy group, Emmi believes this segment has considerable potential for high-quality, innovative products and has launched a new range of desserts: Ooola Secrets. Emmi has installed a completely new production line to this end, enabling it to offer a variety of dessert creations in on-trend small portions.

A study on dessert preferences among consumers in Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany and the UK found that when it comes to sweet treats, the classic chocolate mousse is still as popular as ever.

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Nicole Laager, Global Category Head Desserts at Emmi said: “Sensible indulgence has various components, such as quality before quantity. If you want to eat a good dessert, you go for the full fat, but eat a smaller portion. Having said that, even if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, you can give yourself occasionally a treat.”

Further trends that Emmi have noted are:

  • Practical convenience products that look and smell homemade
  • With regards to the type of desserts: the old classics remain the most popular ones, but consumers like to have it interpreted differently (special presentation, a special twist like chocolate chips) or a hidden secret, like Ooola.
  • Chocolate is an all-time favorite

According to Laager, health is definitely an important topic but looked at in a broader context, such as not just low fat and no sugar. “Further important aspects are naturalness, good ingredients, no or little additives,” she says.

Convenience desserts still have potential
Swiss retailers generate just under CHF 80 million (US$82.8 million) a year in turnover from chilled desserts. However, Emmi believes that there is still considerable growth potential in this segment. Mousses and crèmes, in particular, are in strong demand among consumers, but what is missing from Swiss chiller cabinets is innovative dessert creations.

Ooola Secrets is a product range that stands out from the competition in a number of ways. The main difference is the 60g portion size. With less than 90 calories, the desserts are perfectly in line with the general trend for a healthier, more balanced diet. For many consumers, this lifestyle still has room for a degree of sensible indulgence, whether in the form of snacks or as a dessert.

Leading the way with quality and cutting edge production technology
As is customary for Emmi, quality and pleasure were the focus when developing the new dessert range. However, conscious of the fact that we also eat with our eyes, particular attention was paid to the visual presentation of Ooola Secrets.  Emmi excels here thanks to state-of-the-art production technology. An entirely new production line was installed at Emmi’s second largest facility in Emmen, in the canton of Lucerne. Emmi has been making dessert crèmes and mousses such as the classic Emmi Coupe Chantilly here for decades.

The facility, which is unparalleled in Europe, developed the first two refined Ooola Secrets varieties "with a great deal of love for taste and feel-related details": a dark chocolate mousse with spiraling swirls of raspberry purée and an artistically layered triple-chocolate mousse.

Combining up to five different ingredients in a small portion is highly demanding in technology terms. In addition, the products are free from preservatives. 

Commitment to Switzerland as a production location
Emmi has invested several million Swiss francs in its new facility. This represents a clear commitment to Switzerland as a production location.

Despite Switzerland having a reputation as a higher cost environment, Emmi firmly believes that Ooola Secrets also have the potential for export. Alongside the launch in Swiss retailers, the product is therefore also going on sale in Austria. Further foreign markets are under evaluation.

Ooola Secrets Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse with Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Mousse with Caramel are now available from Swiss retailers. A third variety – a light Stracciatella Mousse with Lemon – is currently under development.

By Elizabeth Green

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