Danone launches 100 percent natural yogurt range in France


04 Oct 2017 --- Danone is reinventing its yogurt portfolio in France, with a new range of yogurts that answer the need for natural. Le Danone Nature range includes 100 percent French milk, 100 percent natural ingredients, available in both natural and flavored versions, and the recipe of Danone’s new brand brings together indulgence, health and responsibility.

At a time where consumers are so concerned about their diet, they are looking for indulgence, health and responsibility. This new offer’s goal is to reaffirm the benefits of yogurt and to put it back in the daily diet/nutrition of French people. Le Danone 1919 is the second line of yogurt inspired by the recipe of the first Danone yogurt launched a century ago. As part of the launch program, the company is working with a group of twenty stores in France to make the yogurt fixture clearer and meet the demand for “innovation, nutrition or a moment of consumption”.

The Danone brand offers a range of 4 products, which not only about the good taste but are also right for the local economy and lands. Bringing these dimensions together has been the challenge of these 18 months of necessary development for the creation of this range.

Click to EnlargeDanone’s plain yogurts, made of 100 percent milk extracted from French farms and their 100 percent natural ingredients, are the first step of an offensive plan of revalorization of the ultra-fresh dairy category.

French consumers are more and more disposed to combine indulgence, health and responsibility. Danone has the firm intention to help them do so. Major investments from the company will reaffirm the benefits of yogurt and its key position within French nutrition.

Danone’s new brand is at the crossroad of challenges: enhancing the yogurt and bringing more legibility in the shelf/category.

The new offer from Danone was available on October 2nd.

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