Algaia and AIDP launches next generation seaweed extract for dessert applications


05 Dec 2017 --- Algaia has launched a new alginate line, Satialgine DVA, which is said to be the next generation of seaweed extract for premium dairy and non-dairy dessert applications. 

Consumers with food sensitivities to dairy or eggs, a desire for vegan options, or wanting low-fat alternatives to high-fat desserts like flan, will not have to compromise flavor or creamy texture, thanks to the formulators at Algaia, experts in the alginate for food production category. AIDP is the exclusive distributor for Satialgine DVA in North America. 

“We’re excited to support Algaia’s efforts to promote this remarkable ingredient in the US, Mexico and Canada,” says AIDP President, Mark Thurston. “One of the biggest demands is for clean label ingredients in food technology, the alginate products have many opportunities for applications in food manufacturing.” 

One challenge has been to prevent interaction of alginate with calcium. According to Fabien Canivet, Applications Manager for Algaia, the Satialgine series is an easy-to-use solution providing innovative texture options for the dairy industry, offering a rich creamy profile with a low-fat advantage. Cavinet adds that it can also be used in non-dairy desert formulations based on soy, almond or coconut. 

Key alginate properties such as solubility at low temperatures help manufacturers save time and energy, preserve sensitive ingredients (vitamins, flavors), and reduce fat oxidation making the overall process and product more cost-effective. 

Algaia harvests brown algae just a few miles from its plant in Brittany, France, to ensure a constant fresh, local supply of the raw material. The company minimizes transportation time prior to processing, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and need for seaweed preservation, which enhances the functionality of the alginate, according to Federic Faure, Business Development Director. 

Algaia is a fast-growing biomarine company headquartered in Paris, with an R&D center in Normandy and production facility in Brittany (close to the second-largest harvested fresh seaweed biomass in continental Europe). The company is ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certified, its product lines are Kosher and Halal certified.

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