Kasih Food and Tetra Pak respond to millennials’ demand for hummus


27 Nov 2017 --- Back in October, Jordan-based Kasih Food Production Co unveiled a range of hummus products in Tetra Pak packages at the Anuga food and drink fair. With the new Mézete brand product line, the company aims to increase its share of the hummus market, projected to reach US$1.1 billion globally by 2022, that would represent an annual growth rate of more than 9 percent for the period between 2016 and 2022, mainly driven by healthier eating trends among consumers worldwide.

One of the consumer groups behind this drive for healthy eating is millennials who want healthy, natural foods that taste good. According to Khaled Kasih, General Manager at Kasih Food Production Co they are in search of “organic, “vegan”, “plant-based”, “gluten-free” and “non-GMO products”.  “They look to foods rich in certain vitamins and minerals to support peak performance, with studies demonstrating that millennials believe that protein is the most important component of healthy eating. There is also an increasing number of consumers gravitating toward plant-based snacks and mini-meals. Hummus is garnering significant attention for being rich in fiber, protein and good carbs,” Kasih tells FoodIngredientsFirst

“Bringing quality food to consumers is our top priority,” he notes. “We have developed a special range of Mézete hummus products with homemade quality, offering exciting flavors such as plain, jalapeno, garlic, chili, thyme and sundried tomatoes. We are confident that these innovative and tasty products will find their place in homes and restaurants in every market around the world.”

The growth of global hummus market is attributed to healthier eating trends. Even in its processed form, hummus is considered a natural food and generally healthier than most other dips. Consumers are increasingly eating on-the-go and want healthy products that match up with their active lifestyle.

“Tetra Pak and Kasih Food Production Co research have shown a growth in consumer for demand for a wider range of healthy,Click to Enlarge ready to eat products with on the go convenience,” says Kasih. “Tetra Pak and Kasih Food Production Co see many opportunities in the prepared food category due to changing consumer lifestyles, and are committed to supporting customers and consumers alike with solutions that provide the best food protection and convenience.” 

“Some of the world’s population is still unaware of the taste and nutritional values of hummus, which continues to be a constraint on growth. By offering its natural range of Mézete hummus products in a variety of Tetra Pak package sizes for enjoyment everywhere, Kasih Food is looking to increase knowledge of hummus,” he explains.   

“Today, the aseptic filling technology offered by Tetra Pak is coupled with the in-house processing solution created by the Kasih Team. Through this, we are able to provide consumers with a special range of Mézete hummus products that are shelf-stable (long-life) for 18 months, 100 percent natural, free of preservatives with a quality, homemade taste.” 

For the first time, a shelf-stable Hummus is available with the same quality, flavor, color, taste and texture of fresh Hummus. Mézete Hummus is aseptically packed and can be stored outside refrigeration for 18 months.

The Mézete brand of products offers consumers, hotels, restaurants, chefs and caterers (HORECA) the same exciting experience. Each product is available in a variety of package sizes, including single-serving, kids, family and snack packs, as well as larger sizes ideal for the HORECA and catering sector. 

The Mézete brand was created by one of the leading Jordanian manufacturers of canned and packed Mediterranean food, Kasih Food Production Co. 

“Since Kasih Production Co. was established in 1994, it has produced carton packed and canned vegetables, soups, beans, and dips. It has constantly innovated to create products that share quality, authenticity, and a dedication to the flavors of the Mediterranean,” Kasih states. 

“The company’s mission is to offer delicious products that are natural and free-from preservatives. Consequently, the company has been looking for new technologies that can extend their perishable products’ shelf life and maintain both quality and taste.  Kasih Food Production Co is the only company in the world to produce and package long-life (aseptic) hummus and ready-made Mediterranean dishes.”

“We see a huge potential in Mézete.  As mentioned, our range today revolves around hummus but the future is big and promising. Anything is possible with Mézete and we plan for the line to include numerous Mediterranean favorites including dressings, sauces and ready-to-eat vegetarian food,” he concludes. 

By Elizabeth Green

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