sauces & seasonings

13 Aug 2021
--- Olam International Limited has revealed that its operating group, Olam Food Ingredients (OFI), a key player in natural and sustainable food ingredient solutions, is planning a primary listing on the premium segment of the... Read More
28 Jul 2021
--- In a blow to the better-for-you sector, Kraft Mayo has discontinued its fat-free version of the condiment. The brand – part of the Kraft Heinz Company – hinted at quality issues, saying that it owes the... Read More
19 Jul 2021
--- Sokol Custom Food Ingredients, a complete one-stop shop for dressings and sauces, has developed a plant-based chipotle ranch sauce to accompany several plant-based sandwiches that have entered the market. The launch comes... Read More
13 Jul 2021
--- Israel-based ChickP has unveiled its chickpea isolate as an all-purpose, nutrition-packed, egg alternative for eggs in mayonnaise. The start-up has teamed up with food companies to formulate egg-free recipes, including a... Read More
29 Jun 2021
--- Oterra, formerly known as Chr. Hansen Natural Colors A/S, closed its acquisition of Secna Natural Ingredients Group S.L. This is the first acquisition for Oterra, which itself was purchased by private investment firm EQT in... Read More
01 Jun 2021
--- The Kraft Heinz Company is investing £140 million (US$196 million) in UK operations, expanding Europe’s largest food manufacturing facility located near the North-West of England. It will see British favorites... Read More
29 Apr 2021
--- Olam Food Ingredients (OFI) is acquiring US-based private label spices and seasonings manufacturer Olde Thompson at an enterprise value of US$950 million through its wholly-owned subsidiary Olam Holdings Inc. The deal is... Read More
13 Apr 2021
--- European asset manager Ambienta has acquired seasonings manufacturer TasteConnection with sights set on growth in clean label flavors across Europe. The move will scale up Ambienta’s subsidiary Nactarome (previously... Read More
03 Mar 2021
--- The COVID-19 pandemic and high stress levels have propelled consumers to reach for comfort foods. According to Israel-based Salt of the Earth, the same events drive consumer demands for flavorful and soothing, yet... Read More
01 Feb 2021
--- Enzyme specialist Biocatalysts has launched a vegetarian, halal and kosher alternative to the porcine-derived phospholipase A2 enzyme, which is widely used in the production of sauces and mayonnaise.The new microbial... Read More
01 Feb 2021
--- Iconic ketchup brand Heinz has conducted a consumer experiment called Draw Ketchup to test how standard ketchup is synonymously associated with the Heinz brand specifically. “We wanted to uncover that instinctual... Read More
18 Jan 2021
--- The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a global laboratory protocol for measuring trans fats, or trans-fatty acids (TFA), in foods. It details a harmonized approach for sample collection and storage, analytical... Read More
05 Jan 2021
--- Global flavor and seasoning player McCormick & Company has acquired a 100 percent share of FONA International, an independent manufacturer of flavors, focusing on nutritional and natural products for the food, beverage... Read More
27 Nov 2020
--- McCormick & Company has agreed to acquire Cholula Hot Sauce, a hot sauce brand that delivers authentic Mexican flavors, from L Catterton, for US$800 million in cash. The transaction will be complete by the end of the... Read More
23 Nov 2020
--- Beneo has revealed its latest creation for enhancing clean label claims in foods. Remypure S52 P is a precooked functional native rice starch that can help manufacturers produce clean label food preparations, such as cold... Read More
17 Nov 2020
--- Food tech start-up ChickP Protein has unveiled its next-generation native starch developed from chickpea. Due to its narrow granules size distribution compared to pea and potato starches, ChickP Native Starch provides better... Read More
03 Nov 2020
--- CP Kelco’s latest webinar explores the applicability of its Nutrava Citrus Fiber ingredient in better-for-you sauces, dressings, spreads and soups. The ingredient is able to fortify foods with fiber and reduce sugar... Read More
23 Jul 2020
--- During the COVID-19 pandemic, EHL Ingredients has noted significant shifts in demand for its products, which it supplies under its Lähde brand to the foodservice sector. Most notably, customers have reduced or canceled... Read More
22 Jul 2020
--- Karaya gum, a natural ingredient used in food applications, is now available certified organic from the France-based company Alland & Robert. The natural gum from wild trees can improve texture while increasing dietary... Read More
09 Jul 2020
--- The use of artificial intelligence (AI) can help predict how consumers will respond to particular sensorial properties of NPD. Leveraging this science, US-based taste company Edlong has expanded its line of dairy-based... Read More