sauces & seasonings

03 Sep 2019
--- While vanilla remains one of the most widely used flavors within the food industry, there is still opportunity for growth as it plays into plant-based and sustainability trends. Its multiple facets make it a unique,... Read More
28 Aug 2019
--- In a report centered on Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Ireland-headquartered Kerry stresses the importance of a localized approach when communicating with consumers in this region, as perceptions of... Read More
28 Aug 2019
--- In the midst of a mammoth global climate debate, inventor of the modern plant-based emulsifier Palsgaard has cemented its position as an “early mover” on the carbon production front. All of Palsgaard’s... Read More
26 Aug 2019
--- Scientists have long been divided on the best way to manage industry involvement in diet and health research, according to a study from the University of Queensland (UQ) and University of Cambridge, which is exploring ways... Read More
21 Aug 2019
--- Ajinomoto Group has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire a 50.1 percent equity stake in US-based French sauces and stocks producer More Than Gourmet Holdings (MTG). The agreement is facilitated in a strategic... Read More
20 Aug 2019
--- US multinational retail corporation Walmart and media platform BuzzFeed’s “Tasty” division have partnered to offer consumers “shoppable recipes.” The retailer invites shoppers to add the entire... Read More
19 Aug 2019
--- Advancements in agri-tech and sustainable supply chain management are contributing to the narrowing of yield gaps between organic and conventional farming. Within this market, players have invested in novel solutions that... Read More
15 Aug 2019
--- French flavor house Mane is expanding its bespoke smoky flavorings portfolio for meat products. The flavorings are marketed as being an alternative to traditional smoking methods. Though primarily developed for meat... Read More
13 Aug 2019
--- Global ingredients and premix supplier Prinova has expanded into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market with the establishment of a subsidiary in Sydney, Australia. The subsidiary will serve customers in Australia and New Zealand,... Read More
31 Jul 2019
--- Nestlé Indonesia is using a CHF99 million (US$100 million) investment to expand its three factories in Karawang (West Java), Kejayan (East Java) and Panjang (Lampung) to increase its current production capacity by 25... Read More
24 Jul 2019
--- Taste and texture company, International Taste Solutions (ITS), has developed a range of naturally-sourced masking solutions for proteins in plant-based foods and beverages. The ingredients are marketed as suitable for vegan... Read More
15 Jul 2019
--- Adults in China have been consistently consuming above 10g of salt a day – over double the recommended limit of 5g – for the last four decades, according to new research led by Queen Mary University of London.... Read More
08 Jul 2019
--- Global chemical and ingredient distributor Univar Solutions will distribute UK-based Seaweed & Co.’s PureSea seaweed ingredient products across various European countries. PureSea’s portfolio includes a range... Read More
28 May 2019
--- Israeli company Mushroom Benefit Ltd has launched a new line of Cuisine Bags that offer a plant-based, clean-label alternative to traditional powdered soup stocks. The patent-pending Cuisine Bags seek to disrupt the soup,... Read More
21 May 2019
--- Givaudan has reached an agreement to acquire Golden Frog, a Vietnamese flavor company, for an undisclosed sum. The move comes as part of the Swiss manufacturer of flavors and fragrances’ 2020 strategy to strengthen its... Read More
17 May 2019
--- Researchers at the University of Cordoba have devised a novel method to categorize oil into extra virgin (EVOO), virgin (VOO) and lampante olive oil (LOO). The method is based on analyzing the oil’s aromatic fraction... Read More
14 May 2019
--- Rushdi Food Industries has launched “a next-gen creamy tahini with better functionality and easier preparation” for ready-to-eat salads and prepared foods. The new tahini will be introduced at PLMA’s 2019... Read More
01 May 2019
--- Swiss fragrance and flavor company Firmenich is set to acquire a majority stake in VKL Seasoning Pvt. Ltd, an India-based specialist in seasonings and flavors, from True North, an Indian private equity company. With this... Read More
03 Apr 2019
--- Convenience, innovation in flavors and cost have been identified as the key drivers of consumers’ choices in condiments. This is according to a recent Comax Flavors report which has revealed the purchasing behaviors... Read More
05 Jul 2018
--- Salt of the Earth, Ltd., has successfully replaced monosodium glutamate (MSG) in ranch dressing with Mediterranean Umami, an all-natural sodium-reduction ingredient based on vegetable extracts and sea salt. Mediterranean... Read More