sauces & seasonings

18 Nov 2022
--- High amounts of salt in diets can significantly increase corticosterone – the equivalent of corticosteroid, the so-called “stress hormone” in humans – a mouse model study has revealed. Additionally,... Read More
26 Oct 2022
--- In the wake of increasing consumer awareness around sustainability and nutrition, appealing food flavors are becoming ever more crucial to development. With price hikes and supply issues impacting choices, consumers can be... Read More
18 Oct 2022
--- At SIAL 2022 in Paris, FoodIngredientsFirst examines the market dynamics in global cheese sectors. Lactalis underscores fat shortages while other companies flag a “dramatic slowdown” in cheese exports. US... Read More
12 Oct 2022
--- Innova Market Insights has identified “Redefining Value” as its top F&B trend for 2023, as consumers adapt to a global cost-of-living crisis in the face of economic and political volatility. With budgets... Read More
12 Oct 2022
--- Loryma launches Lory Starch Opal, a spray-on adhesive for seeds and other decorative food seasonings. The spray is made from pregelatinized wheat starch with a focus on solubility to ease its ability to be sprayed on. The... Read More
30 Sep 2022
--- The French will be able to degust their favorite condiment as early as this Christmas, after supply shortages have left some restaurants and avid consumers out of stock. However, those who wish to refill their shelves with... Read More
01 Sep 2022
--- Scientists have found a substitute for one of the most expensive spices in the world, saffron. The spice, known as “red gold" often gets overlooked in terms of production because of its price tag, limiting its... Read More
25 Aug 2022
--- Scientists have recently discovered that mealworms can be transformed into a “meat-like” flavoring that could aid in searching for more sustainable meat sources. With the addition of heat, sugar and some consumer... Read More
24 Aug 2022
--- Thickeners are often used to impart body texture in various kinds of soups, sauces and desserts, while also lending stability to food and beverage creations. The major problems commonly found in these categories are phase... Read More
25 Jul 2022
--- Potassium-rich diets – such as salmon, avocados and bananas – may be linked to lower blood pressure, especially in women who consume a lot of salt, a study by UK-based EPIC (European Prospective Investigation... Read More
25 Jul 2022
--- Premier Foods is acquiring 100% of The Spice Tailor shares. The Spice Tailor is an authentic Indian and South East Asian meal kit and accompaniment brand. On a cash and debt-free basis, the purchase price amounts to... Read More
21 Jul 2022
--- Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, an African manufacturer of extracts for spices, ingredients and flavors, has launched its latest range of bouillon flavors, which are traditionally sought after in West African markets, for the local... Read More
22 Jun 2022
--- As lowering salt intake remains a health priority and the reduced-sodium solutions space proliferates, food manufacturers need to reduce sodium levels in their products. A roundtable of experts speaks to FoodIngredientsFirst... Read More
10 Jun 2022
--- California-based Huy Fong Inc has halted production of its Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek condiments due to severe weather conditions affecting the quality of chili peppers. In an email to customers,... Read More
24 May 2022
--- Consumers are paying a premium of up to 75%, depending on packaging size and types for Dijon mustard, compared to 2021 prices, amid a shortage caused by depleted harvests in France and Canada. Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine... Read More
11 May 2022
--- The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is collaborating with the Jambi province government in Indonesia to scale up oil palm smallholder inclusion in the sustainability ecosystem through ISPO certification. The move... Read More
29 Apr 2022
--- Global ingredients manufacturer Kemin Food Technologies is examining how ingredients such as sugar alternatives can impact pH and the shelf life of dressings and sauces. The company is disseminating new research about how... Read More
27 Apr 2022
--- Dietary fats are shrouded with insufficient information, as a new study aims to shed light on their nutritional and environmental sustainability impact.
26 Apr 2022
--- Sokol has launched a range of better-for-you citrus-based sauces and dressings. The US company will include gluten, soy, nut, dairy and egg-free offerings.
08 Apr 2022
--- Food ingredient prices are predicted to continue rising globally throughout 2022, with many experts warning of knock-on consequences of famine, political turmoil, social unrest and economic recession. The Russian invasion of... Read More