Borges launches healthy saturated fat alternative from unsaturated vegetable oils

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04 Sep 2018 --- Borges Agricultural & Industrial Edible Oils (Borges) has launched a new healthier alternative to palm oil, dairy fats, hydrogenated and animal fat, that is made from unsaturated vegetable oils. According to the company, this saturated fat alternative is suitable across multiple application including bakery, confectionery, puff pastry, biscuits, creams, chocolates and processed meat industries.

Part of the Spanish multinational Borges International Group, the company is introducing Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0 which is the result of intensive research and development work from the Borges Agricultural & industrial Edible Oils team. 

Click to EnlargeHealthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0 product line is part of Borges’ strategy to promote healthy nutrition and to replace the use of saturated fats, offering customers a solution to move away from using palm oil, a sector which is under increasing pressure because it is associated with various environmental impacts like deforestation and other issues including child labor. 

The innovation also comes at a time when consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to animal-based fats and Borges says it reaffirms its commitment to the development of products that optimally meet the needs of the food industry and is committed to the health of consumers.

Healthy fats
Currently, in the production of some sweets, creams, industrial pastries, and processed meat, hydrogenated and or saturated fats are used, although they are considered unhealthy. These types of ingredients are frequently present in ultra-processed products as well. 

“To present a healthy alternative to the consumption and use of these fats in the food industry, Borges has created Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0 product line, with a healthy nutritional profile thanks to its unsaturated vegetable oils base and whose characteristics perfectly match the texture and palatability needs to be required by the food industry,” says the company.

“With Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0 product range, Borges reinforces its commitment with the environment by using only ingredients from traditional crops in Europe, grown mostly in an area of around 300km from its production facilities. Hence, reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the fight against climate change.”

“In addition, unlike palm cultivation, whose obtaining entails the destruction of large tropical forests and endangers the survival of animal and plant species, this new product line is also sustainable regarding cultivation and contributes to the maintenance of biodiversity,” says Borges.

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