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03 Oct 2005 --- Eliane is a waxy potato starch, containing more than 99% amylopectin, which allows for unique functionality, textures, expansion, and cost saving opportunities.

Avebe has launched what is claimed to be world’s first GMO-free amylopectin potato starch, obtained through classical, well-accepted breeding techniques. Eliane is a waxy potato starch, containing more than 99% amylopectin, which allows for unique functionality, textures, expansion, and cost saving opportunities. Avebe says that benefits that consumers can expect from this exciting new innovation are: clean flavour, clarity through a better looking, glossy appearance, excellent creamy mouthfeel, expansion characteristics in snacks, more convenience due to a lower gelatinisation temperature and finally quicker cooking times, at lower energy input.

Exciting Applications 
Eliane combines the superior functionality potato starch is renowned for, with a unique twist - a short shiny texture. The result is that the ingredient allows formulation for applications where potato starch is not generally thought of. For example Eliane offers bakery cream manufacturers the solution of reducing expensive alginates by 20% without sacrificing bake stability or freeze thaw stability. Avebe says that consumers will love the resulting bakery cream as the ingredient’s clean flavour allows the bakery cream flavour to shine through. Eliane also works well in fruit filling applications, offering a clean flavour to allow for a fresh fruit taste, while also providing an indulgent short, shiny texture.

In powdered soups and sauces, due to its very unique salt stability and its low gelatinisation temperature, the ingredient allows for flawless performance in vending machine water temperatures. Eliane’s superior thickening characteristics allow a dosage reduction in powered applications, without compromising mouthfeel or product viscosity. In liquid soups, sauces and dairy, Eliane products withstand any processing condition from UHT to extended retort, resulting in refrigerator, steam table, and freeze/thaw stability. The ingredient withstands other rigorous processing techniques like homogenisation, emulsification, high shear and low pH. In instant fried noodle products allows lower water temperature to be used for rehydration. Eliane use in instant fried noodle products not only increases noodle hydration speed, but improves the texture dramatically.

Snacking Fun 
In the case of snacks Eliane offers a multitude of textural options, allowing snack manufacturers to offer product variety and textures which have never been seen before. Eliane products give a unique ‘melt in the mouth’ character while remaining crispy. In addition, Eliane products offer high expansion in coated nuts and texture control in pellets. Avebe recently introduced a new range of Snacktex products for the preparation of coated nuts based on Eliane. Avebe said that the launch came as a result of the search for new and innovative solutions for customers and consumers. For coated nuts this vision has resulted in products with a high expansion and a soft crispy bite with high consumer appeal. The clean, non-flavour masking potato starch base not only allows for excellent visual appeal, but allows taste to shine through.

Innovation Triumph
Many developments take place in the world of snacks. Textures and tastes, and also the technologies required to produce these, vary with the variation of people and their preferences all over the globe. This is the reason why new textures, shapes and flavours appear in the snack industry every day. Texture, characterised by crispiness, mouthfeel and bite, is an important factor to consider if product differentiation is desired. The effect of starches, native and modified, plays an important role in achieving the desired texture of snack products. This new range of Snacktex starches is able to provide a variety of new textures for innovation while improving the appearance of coated nuts. Instant starch is used for enhancing the water binding, texture and for obtaining the layer around the nut.

Cook-up starch is mainly used for expansion and texture. Snacktex 100 is a cook up Eliane that gives high expansion resulting in a thick coating with a soft crispy texture. Snacktex C 100 is a pregelatinised Eliane that gives the snack controlled high expansion and a medium soft and crispy texture. Finally Snacktex EZ 100 is a pregelatinised Eliane with extremely high expansion properties resulting in a voluminous thick coating. This product gives the snack a soft and crispy texture with high melt in the mouth eating characteristics. 

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