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Top Ten Trends 2021

 11 Nov 2020

Innova Market Insights releases its Top Ten Trends for 2021, using its ongoing analyses of global developments in food and drink launch activity and the latest consumer insights to highlight the trends most likely to impact the food and drinks industry over the coming year and beyond.

This is the summary version of the Top Ten Trends for 2021 webinar. For the full version, please reach out to us at

20 Oct 2021 | Glanbia Ireland Ingredients

With growing interest in healthy eating, the market for nutritious foods is on the increase globally and cheese is one of the categories increasingly emerging as a healthy and nutritious food. While cheese has long been used as a snack the market has now developed to encompass a wide range of individually... Read More

07 Oct 2021 | Solvay

Today, consumers are paying more and more attention to food labels and composition. Transparency and understanding of ingredients is becoming a key factor in their purchases. As a result, their expectations for clean labels, natural and sustainable ingredients are increasing. In this webinar, Caroline Calin,... Read More

20 Jul 2021 | Innova Market Insights

The ongoing trend toward proactively managing health and well-being has been brought into sharper focus by COVID-19. As consumers embrace healthier ways of living, the opportunities for the food and beverage market to support improved nutrition are growing. Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights’ global... Read More

13 Jul 2021 | Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute

The past few years have seen a boom of innovative companies looking to produce food ingredients using microbial fermentation instead of traditional agricultural means. It can take months and years to grow the plants and animals that are the source of foods and ingredients used in modern food systems. Yet,... Read More

08 Jul 2021 | CP Kelco

As demand for plant-based, dairy alternative products continues to accelerate worldwide, consumers are focusing on their choices: not only great taste and texture but cleaner, easier-to-understand labels as well. Developing spoonable yogurt alternatives with almond, oat and other plant-based protein sources... Read More

29 Jun 2021 | Symrise

Consumers want to know where their favorite vanilla comes from, who has grown the beans, under which conditions, and how this impacts the planet. Today's vanilla lovers regard these factors as crucial elements in their purchasing decision. This requires high-quality vanilla delivery that brings certainty and... Read More

23 Jun 2021 | Glanbia Ireland

Milk Proteins: The single protein solution to achieve functional and nutritional benefits in food and beverages. High protein foods has been a growing trend for a number of years driven by health conscious consumers seeking out high protein foods to support their active lifestyles. In addition to the needs... Read More

08 Jun 2021 | Barry Callebaut

More than ever, consumer needs are evolving. They expect their favorite brands to take responsibility and drive social and environmental progress. This shifting framework is reinforced by an increase in sustainability requirements. Where some people see hurdles, we see opportunities. Join us and find out how... Read More

01 Jun 2021 | Eurial I&N

The sports nutrition market is a dynamic segment that is rapidly attracting new consumers, each with its own set of goals and expectations. To stand out from the crowd, brands need to innovate. Eurial I&N understands the challenges and opportunities facing sports nutrition manufacturers, and the company... Read More

20 May 2021 | Ingredia

A growing consumer focus on health, naturality and sustainability is driving innovation on the cheese market. Moreover, the development of cheese consumption in some regions leads to new ways of consumption. Formulating and having the right process to answer those new drivers are challenging for industrials.

12 May 2021 | Innova Market Insights

This year’s Top Ten Flavor Trends explore how flavor and texture is being used to celebrate the exotic, bring restaurant quality experiences in-home and champion what is great about local and regional tastes. At a time when health and security concerns are top of mind for consumers, flavors with health and... Read More

14 Apr 2021 | Innova Market Insights

With plant based trends reaching global phenomenon status, the “plant based” definition is ever-evolving. Its rising mainstream appeal will drive expansion to different regions and categories in 2021 and beyond, including accelerated demand for new formats, plant proteins and more sophisticated alternatives.... Read More

13 Apr 2021 | IFF

Plant-based proteins have enormous environmental, economic and nutritional potential. While some crops are familiar to producers and consumers alike, others may have significant future potential that has not yet been explored. Insights from The Economist Intelligence Unit and IFF highlight which plant-based... Read More

08 Apr 2021 | Biospringer

There is a growing demand for alternative ingredients that bolster the plant-based sectors. Biospringer has produced nutrient-dense proteins from yeast, which the company says can answer today’s major food trends. During this webinar, Biospringer experts take a deep dive into the market trends of plant-based... Read More

01 Apr 2021 | IFF

Can’t seem to check friendly label initiatives off your to-do list? What if you learned that food enzymes have been evolving, and you can now get label-friendly without compromise? At IFF, we know bakery. We understand market trends like clean label. We’re also experts on enzymes, selecting each exact... Read More

25 Mar 2021 | Barry Callebaut

More than ever, consumers are looking for treats that overwhelm all their senses with exciting colors, delightful flavors, surprising textures, as well as products that fit their healthy lifestyle. Coatings & fillings are key ingredients for innovations to satisfy those needs. Barry Callebaut offers insights... Read More

16 Mar 2021 | KHNI

Addressing sustainable nutrition is central to the future of the food and beverage industry. Many companies are transforming their strategies to improve measures such as water use, carbon emissions, animal welfare and food waste while also addressing societal challenges such as obesity and malnutrition.