Extending the Shelf Life of Food Products Containing Fruit


Products featuring real fruit appeal strongly to today’s health-conscious consumers, but signifi cant technical obstacles have previously limited the use of fruit-based ingredients in many products with a long shelf life. Dry product applications such as biscuits, baked goods, cereals and snacks have been especially problematic. Solutions based on URC® fruit ingredients from Taura Natural Ingredients sweep away these technical barriers and pave the way for a wide range of new products featuring fruit pieces, fl akes and pastes. These can be designed to deliver all the taste, colour and nutritional benefi ts of fruit inclusions in products with an ambient shelf life of at least 12 months.

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Taura Natural Ingredients is a global manufacturer of fruit pieces, flakes and pastes for cereal, bakery, snack bars and confectionery.  URC fruit ingredients are made using a unique Ultra Rapid Concentration process and are designed to deliver bake stability, low water activity, great flavor and color. URC fruit ingredients are a simple and delicious way to add real fruit goodness to your product innovations. Talk to us about a customised solution today.

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Food Ingredients News 19 February 2018

Foodarom CEO: A new wave of “chemophobia” is dominating the food industry

19 Feb 2018 --- The world of flavors is continually evolving, and the habits of today’s consumer rely heavily on the evolution of taste, functionality and tradition. For flavor designer and manufacturer, Foodarom, this year is about balancing health and happiness and according to the company, the nutritional values of food has given rise to more products with flavors taken from foods that are valued for their health benefits.

Food Ingredients News 19 February 2018

Spark Trends: Bell dives into the Mediterranean Sea and takes a “Wok through the provinces”

19 Feb 2018 --- Bell Flavors & Fragrances has announced its new selection of trends for the 2018 Spark program. Spark is Bell’s insider resource for new and emerging consumer trends as well as flavor and fragrance inspirations. Using a unique and detailed process, Bell uncovered new ideas for 2018 and beyond that are sure to ignite customer inspirations and translate them into winning product ideations.

Food Ingredients News 19 February 2018

Responsibly sourced tuna: Princes hit 90 percent mark and aims for 100 percent by 2019

19 Feb 2018--- International food and drink group Princes has confirmed that over 90 percent of its tuna was responsibly sourced by the end of 2017. The company now has a target of 100 percent responsibly sourced tuna by 2019 for all brands in all territories and is well on the way to achieving this.

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19 February 2018

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Drying technologies for fruit snacking innovation

Dried fruit and vegetable ingredients which are also suitable for providing cereal bars and new chocolate ideas that extra crunch and taste are trending. Doehler offers a diverse range of dried ingredients made from high-quality and carefully selected fruits for these products. This entails using gentle drying technology for slices, pieces, powder, fruit granulates or even whole fruits. These most natural ingredients open completely new multi-sensory experiences in the confectionery, baking and snack sector. Bettina Zeuch discusses the company's technology. 

15 February 2018

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Expansion of Crispy Natural into legume snacks

Paula's latest line with Crispy Natural technology consists of crunchy dried green peas, a great source of protein, which is currently one of the main trends in the category of snacks. It can be an original addition to soups and salads.” Bartlomiej Jagielski of Paula says: “Our Crispy Natural technology allows us to dry at a low temperature but in a positive way, rather than freeze drying, where the products are frozen first. Our products are highly nutritious and we can maintain most the value of fresh fruit and vegetables. We don’t have to add anything to the drying step. So we receive really natural and tasty products. We can dry almost any kind of product, including legumes, which are the latest product in our offering.” 

12 February 2018

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Coloring confectionery using fruit and vegetables

More than two-thirds of consumers put confectionery on their shopping list whenever they go to the supermarket: indulgence is what they look for. In the context of the current health drive-in food and beverages, however, sweet lovers scrutinize the ingredients of candy, too. At ProSweets Cologne, GNT Group demonstrated how their EXBERRY Colouring Foods replace additive colorants in all kinds of confectionery and how producers can transform their products trouble-free.

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10 November 2017

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Clean Label: More Than Ingredients

This industry webinar looks to the future of healthy eating and the impact on the food industry. See why cleaner labels may just be part of a solution for an expanded consumer definition of health, and why nutrition, social and environmental responsibility will be key to successfully meet long-term consumer needs for healthy food.

22 June 2016

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Maximize your dairy production set-up to 100% yield

In this webinar, technical experts from Arla Foods Ingredients will explain how you can benefit from these whey protein-based solutions - a straightforward and cost-effective way to use 100% of your milk with nothing going to spare.

02 June 2016

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The Future of Natural Sweeteners

Ongoing concerns about obesity and sugar intake have driven interest in reduced-sugar and diet drinks. Calls have become even more focused with news of an upcoming Sugar Tax on UK soft drinks and ongoing discussions about implementation elsewhere. Our webinar provides you with insights into the market uptake of natural sweeteners and an overview of how to overcome common formulation challenges.

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