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Fat Replacers, Fibers, Nutraceutical and Functional Food Ingredients, Proteins - Animal/Plant Origin, Rice and Rice Products, Starch and Starch Products, Sweeteners (Non-Sugar), Vegetable Products - Dry, Wheat and Wheat Products

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BENEO offers naturally-sourced, functional ingredients derived from the chicory root, sugar beet, rice and wheat, adding nutritional, technical and health benefits.

Our portfolio offers an opportunity to create all-natural, non-GMO or organic products that are non-cariogenic, gluten and lactose-free, fibre enriched, fat and sugar reduced, easily digested, energy sustaining and calorie smart, as well as supportive of fat oxidation – all without compromising taste, texture or mouthfeel. Our ingredients can be used in applications like dairy, confectionery, bakery, cereals, soups & sauces, meat & vegetables, baby food and beverages.

Formed by a merger of the companies Orafti, Palatinit and Remy in 2007, BENEO is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Südzucker Group and has over 100 years experience with functional ingredients.

Through a unique chain of expertise, including BENEO-Institute and BENEO-Technology Center, the company supports customers throughout the entire production development process: ranging from new product ideas and concept development based on consumer insights and market research, to nutritional science by providing regulatory advice and facilitating the formulation of successful products.


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Functional fibres: Orafti® inulin and oligofructose are prebiotic fibres extracted from the chicory root. These fibres do not only promote optimal intestinal functioning, but also act as prebiotics that promote the growth of ‘good’ bacteria (Inulin: EFSA claim on prebiotic wellbeing available). Both ingredients allow for an EFSA claim on blood sugar management as they support a lower rise in blood glucose levels and a lower insulin response.  

Functional carbohydrates: Palatinose™ or isomaltulose is a low-glycaemic and fully-digestible carbohydrate derived from the chicory root. What is special in comparison to other carbohydrates is that it releases its full carbohydrate energy (4kcal/g) more slowly and in a more balanced way (EFSA claim available). It improves fat oxidation during physical activity, leading to a sustained energy supply. Being acid stable, the food maintains its osmolality – an advantage especially in sports beverages. In addition, it is a non-cariogenic ingredient.

Functional protein: BENEO’s Vital Wheat Gluten are a source of essential amino acids which the body cannot produce itself. Apart from their nutritious benefits, they improve the taste and texture of bakery goods, ready-to-eat meals, meat-based products, etc. Consequently, the sustainable sources of BeneoPro VWG have been allocated the IFS label, an acknowledged reference for high quality ingredients.

Specialty rice ingredients: BENEO’s natural and organic rice ingredients include flours, starches, bran, syrups, proteins and concentrates. They help you respond to the growing demand for clean label, organic, gluten-free and hypoallergenic products. In addition, they improve mouthfeel, texture, crispness, crunchiness, shelf-life and colour of products.

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From TWOFI  02 January 2018

BENEO Reaches Out With “Prebiotic” Appeal

Beneo’s new logo is launched to support the promotion of digestive health and wellness, which is achievable through its prebiotic chicory root fibers.

From TWOFI  02 January 2018

NPD 2018: A Crystal Ball

Key suppliers offer their thoughts on trends to watch out for in 2018 and beyond. Has the strong growth in clean label finally hit a peak?

Business News  07 September 2017

Beneo expands NAFTA sales team to support growing North American customer base

07 Sep 2017 --- To better serve its growing customer base in North America, functional ingredients manufacturer Beneo has announced a significant expansion of its NAFTA sales and support team.

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24 October 2017

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The power of plant-based proteins: sustainably sourced, IFS certified vital wheat gluten

Plant-based proteins are trending, following the increase of vegetarians, their natural image and consumers’ awareness of their low carbon footprint. BeneoPro Vital Wheat Gluten, a composite of proteins, guarantee a sustainable source of IFS-certified vegetable proteins and live up to consumers’ expectations on crunchiness. 

02 December 2016

article image

Trends in Addressing Sugar Reduction Demands

At this years HiE, BENEO were showcasing how its sustainable approach reaches from farm to fork and beyond, providing ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle in a holistic way. The discussion will centre on the company’s “sustainable mind-set” which they claim starts at the very beginning of the supply chain and can be traced from its fields, farms and factories, to the substantiated consumer health benefits its ingredients provide. Christoph Boettger explains to FoodIngredientsFirst the trends in addressing sugar reduction. 

10 November 2016

article image

Wheat Protein: Not a Half-Baked Idea

Naturally sourced wheat protein enhance the texture of bakery products and prolong shelf life. Easily achieve voluminous doughs and crispy bakes with non-GMO, IFS-certified wheat gluten! Wondering how this works for you? Discover the ins and outs here.

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