Wyldsson and Glanbia Nutritionals Develop Gluten Free Breakfast Oats

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13 Jan 2016 –- When Wyldsson was looking to add a gluten free muesli and porridge oat range to its fast growing portfolio, OatPure gluten free oats from Glanbia Nutritionals were the only contender to meet Wyldsson.com’s criteria.

Glanbia Nutritionals, a division of Glanbia plc, is an innovator in the expert delivery of science-led ingredients and customized solutions for a broad range of industries. These include fortified foods and beverages, supplements, sports nutrition, and health and wellness.
New online food start up company, www.Wyldsson.com, has been causing waves with its gluten free healthy snack and breakfast products regularly appearing in the social media posts of olympic athletes and premier league footballers.
Yves Vantomme, business development manager at Glanbia Nutritionals told FoodIngredientsFirst: “We are delighted to work with Wyldsson.com, whose determination to offer only the purest foods and ingredients mirrors our own.  With gluten free eating firmly established in the mainstream, we’re seeing huge interest in our authentic, pure and great tasting OatPure gluten free oats.”
Vantomme believes the gluten free phenomenon has experienced incredible growth over recent years and is set to continue its upward trajectory: "With the global market for gluten free products projected to reach $7.59 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 10.4%1. Glanbia Nutritionals was able to support manufacturers in this market by combining its heritage in food ingredients with its expertise in grains and seeds such as flax, chia and quinoa."

"The company has strong capabilities in unlocking the powerful functional and nutritional potential of ingredients and used this knowledge to develop proprietary processing methods to increase ingredient functionality. Glanbia developed OatPure gluten free oats to respond to consumer demand for authentic gluten free products and satisfy stringent legislation." adds Vantomme.

Founder of Wyldsson.com, Dave McGeady, identified a huge gulf between the desire for and the availability of food products that are genuinely nutritious but also taste good. Dismayed at the typically high levels of added sugars, high fructose corn syrup and preservatives in snacks like trail mix, McGeady set up Wyldsson.com on the promise of using only natural ingredients, and combining them in such a way that they are healthy and taste great.
McGeady told FoodIngredientsFirst: “Our ethos is very simple.  We only use natural ingredients like our organic banana from Ecuador and our mulberries, which are wonderfully sweet without any added sugars. When we were looking for a gluten free oat, we were impressed by the nutty taste and mouthfeel and the independently certified gluten free guarantee of Glanbia’s OatPure oats.  Our muesli, made with OatPure oats, is listed in the official Coeliac UK Food Directory of gluten free products.”
OatPure gluten free oats from Glanbia Nutritionals are guaranteed to contain fewer than 10 parts per million gluten, half the amount recommended by EU guidelines. This is achieved through Glanbia’s wholly owned, independently audited, OatSecure™ closed loop supply chain that eliminates any potential for cross-contamination from other grains.  Long recognised for their healthy benefits of slow release carbohydrates, ALA omega-3s, fibre and beta glucans, and linked with helping to reduce cholesterol, oats are fast emerging as the new hero of gluten free eating.
by Elizabeth Kenward

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