“World first” as Scottish whisky distillery links up with Belfast firm’s Blockchain platform


28 Sep 2017 --- Belfast-headquartered Advanced Research Cryptography Ltd. (arc-net) is creating what it describes as a “world first” through a unique partnership with Scotland-based Adelphi’s Ardnamurchan Distillery. The link-up could revolutionize Scotch whisky exports and safeguard the industry against counterfeits and fraud with the use of arc-net’s Blockchain platform.

The company arc-net – which has developed its Blockchain platform for product and supply chain authentication and security, currently being used by major companies – has announced that Adelphi has placed its latest limited-edition spirit release on the platform. This is the first time a Scottish Spirit has been fully traceable from field to bottle through Blockchain, the partnership’s press release notes.

“Blockchain enables a new era of transparency and product authentication,” says Kieran Kelly, CEO of arc-net. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with such a forward-thinking company like Adelphi.”

The fast-growing arc-net employs more than 20 people across offices in Belfast, Edinburgh and San Francisco. Earlier this year, arc-net announced a significant investment in the company by Dr. Richard Steeves, a leading investor and former EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year.

Authenticated and marked
Each bottle of Dunfermline-based Adelphi’s latest Ardnamurchan Distillery limited spirit release has been uniquely marked and authenticated by arc-net, allowing full traceability of each bottle from the distillery through the supplier network to the ultimate consumer.
Any buyer of Adelphi’s Ardnamurchan Distillery’s product will receive a certificate of authenticity eliminating the risk of fraudulent substitutions that are known to occur in the £5.5 billion (US$7.35 billion) whisky and spirit market, according to the press release.
In addition, the consumer will be able to connect with Adelphi to learn about each of the unique events in the manufacturing and distilling process that created their exclusive bottle of spirit.

For Adelphi, the adoption of arc-net’s platform has automated the capture of all aspects of the manufacturing and distilling processes, eliminating legacy record keeping systems and providing transparent information that facilitates improved Click to Enlarge operational efficiency. The arc-net platform will also provide access to a toolset that unlocks product and supply chain insights, it adds.
For Adelphi’s part, the company believes the adoption of arc-net’s authentication and traceability platform reflects the strong value the company places on the manufacturing and story-telling process of its spirits and whisky.

Using the arc-net platform, Adelphi adds that it can now also connect the bottle to the consumer and tell the entire story from field to bottle that exists behind their authentic brand.

“Adelphi is thrilled to be part of arc-net’s vision to use technology to bring transparency and authenticity to the rapidly growing single malt whisky market,” says Alex Bruce, Managing Director of Adelphi. “We have a vision for the future and using the platform is an integral component in our ability to capture and share production, process and product data with our customers.”

Bruce adds that in addition to a growing number of countries recognizing Scotch Whisky’s Geographical Indication (GI), Adelphi also believes it to be essential that the consumer is able to understand the craftsmanship of making it, and for the producer to ensure the security of the route to market.

“In addition, the arc-net platform will give us the opportunity, as a nascent distiller, to share and communicate our love for the brand and ensure our customers have the ability to visualize and validate our products as they move across the globe,” Bruce explains.

“Alex and his team are pushing the envelope of spirit and whisky production in terms of quality and traceability, and also demonstrating a realistic and pioneering approach to renewable energy and sustainability, and arc-net is delighted to be a part of their brand story,” says Kelly.

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