Bell launches natural vegan flavors for “Green Energy” protein shakes


28 Sep 2017 --- Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles as well as consumer demands towards a health-conscious diet in combination with individual fitness have become a booming trend in the past few years. It’s no surprise, that the market for sports nutrition and supplements is growing due to these developments, profiting from a fast increasing consumer group. Classic flavors remain very popular, nevertheless, innovations are very well accepted on the market. Bell Flavors and Fragrances, therefore, focuses on a mixture of well-known and innovative taste impressions and presents a variety of natural, vegan flavor combinations for protein shakes in its concept “Green Energy”.

Globally, the number of vegetarian and vegan products is growing at a fast pace. In social networks, vegan foods are set to scene very artistically and with a lot of attention to detail, whereas the health benefit is always emphasized. The market for vegan nutrition supplements is also growing rapidly, not least due to the growing number of new products, which are adjusted to the special needs of a vegan diet, being rich in essential minerals and vitamins.

The growing popularity of new product development on a vegan platform is substantiated by new product launch data from Innova Market Insights, with a +58 percent increase reported in product launches with a vegan claim in 2015 from 2014, with a further +35 percent increase in 2016 from 2015. 

According to Innova Market Insights data, the leading market sub-categories in 2016 for vegan claims on a global basis are cereal & energy bars (5.8 percent), dairy alternative drinks (5.1 percent) and juice & juice drinks (4.6 percent). According to the market researcher, there should be no slowing down for new product innovation with vegan suitability going forward, with plant-based milk and meat substitutes, for example, already rapidly are moving into the mainstream. All types of consumers, not just vegans, are looking for innovative product options to take the inherent benefits of plants into their daily lives. 

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Focusing on sporty, health-conscious consumers have opened up the sports nutrition market, which was exclusively reserved for professional athletes for many years. The continuing hype about fitness and the strong influence of social media results in lifestyle-consumers being in the center of attention. This rapidly growing consumer group is not only young and performance-orientated, but they also put a lot effort in personal fitness. Protein-based products play a crucial role in this context, as they do not only help to build up muscle mass and reduce weight, moreover, they strengthen the immune system and are said to prevent cardiovascular diseases. But also in this category, a preference towards vegetable proteins, such as pea, soy or rice protein, is clearly visible. 

Bell Flavors & Fragrances has done further research on the protein-hype and presents unique and innovative flavor combinations for vegan protein shakes. The completely natural and vegan range of flavors was developed especially for protein-based shakes giving them an intensive top note and rounding off the taste. In order to mask the bitter taste of the protein base, Bell uses a special Bitterblocker suitable for this kind of application. Variations like Vanilla & Pear, Pineapple & Coconut or Spicy Chai Latte will invigorate the market and deliver tasty moments of indulgence, even before doing sports.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances


In your search for a supplier for your company´s flavour and fragrance needs, we would like you to consider Bell´s strengths. As a private enterprise with an effective corporate structure, we are in the position to render excellent service and to supply our extensive product portfolio at very competitive prices. Bell´s affiliated companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and China give us greater flexibility in the world market place and enable us to bring new trends quickly to customers' attention. Our goal is to help you to put successful products into the market place.

Please challenge us, as we would like to convince you that Bell is the right partner for your flavour and fragrance requirements.

The culinary delight of savoury flavours has become a constant companion in our everyday life. A change toward more convenience, home meal replacement and new snacking trends indicates strong segment growth in the upcoming years.

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible sensory performance to make food products an excellent taste experience. To accomplish this, our savoury team of flavourists, chefs and application experts will support you in the product development process.

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