Valio set to unveil new “tailor-made solutions” for dairy customers at Anuga


04 Oct 2017 --- Global food ingredients manufacturer Valio will showcase the latest developments in its tailor-made solutions for food ingredients customers during Anuga, created in response to growing demand for innovative solutions. The company, which provides dairy from Finland, supplies to some of the world’s biggest producers in 60 markets. Its solutions range from lactose-free and baby food to ingredients for the pet food and health supplements industry.

Valio manufactures milk powders, demineralized whey powders and more advanced, tailored blends where customers can specify their requirements and opt to add ingredients such as milk, whey, fats or vitamins. The company also offers specialist nutrition products and powders, as well as butter and fruit preparations for bakeries.

Merja Koski-Korhonen, Export Director, Ingredients and Global Customers, for Valio’s food ingredients solutions, says: “At Valio we are constantly looking for partners who see the value in high-quality products. Valio has decades of experience in serving the needs of the food industry and creating value for partners around the world.”

“At Anuga, our unique lactose-free offering and baby food solutions will be on show to demonstrate how Valio can meet the needs of the global food manufacturing industry, tailored to meet the specific requirements of every different market,” Koski-Korhonen adds.

Aiming for first place in innovation and R&D
Every year, Valio notes that it launches new products produced from unique recipes, including liquid ready-to-feed infant formulas and high quality milk, lactose-free and whey powders, produced from “the purest milk in the world.”

Its bespoke service draws on Valio’s award-winning innovation, research and development, testing and insights recognized in a Nobel Prize and 351 patents in 50 countries, Valio adds.

Click to EnlargeA lactose-free leader
Valio calls itself “the world leader in lactose-free solutions for the food industry.” This is an interesting time for the company as with more awareness about lactose intolerance and an increase in problems associated with digestion, the popularity of lactose-free products is growing. Market size growth is forecast at +60 percent from 2015 to 2020, according to the company’s press release.

Valio Eila lactose-free milk powder is produced in whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk varieties. Valio Eila low-lactose skimmed milk powder is also available. All lactose-free milk powders ensure that manufacturers can produce lactose-free products that taste as good as, or better than, regular products, Valio adds.

Pure, safe, traceable
All Valio food ingredients are produced from fresh pure Finnish milk sourced from Valio’s own dairy farmers, the company says. This ensures full traceability, from cow and farm to end product.

Valio’s milk is Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)-free. It says its milk and whey powders originate from the healthiest cows in Europe, from the greenest country in the world, with the lowest cell and bacteria counts and no contaminant residues in the milk.

Responding to consumer demands
Valio points out that its expertise helps manufacturers develop new products, categories, range extensions and markets. It adds that its process and application know-how provides solutions and specialist experience for some of the world’s leading food producers.

In cooperation with its partners and award-winning research and development team, Valio notes that it quickly responds to changes in consumer behavior. Using data and insights, it predicts trends and creates products that meet customer demands, that are appealing and on trend.

Pointing to world firsts and heritage
Valio says it “invented lactose-free milk and milk products almost 20 years ago,” and that its know-how “leads the way in liquid, ready-to-feed infant formula, first developed by the company in 1973.”

The first Valio Gefilus product, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) lactic acid bacterium, was launched at the beginning of 1990. LGG is the world’s most studied lactic acid bacterium.

Valio also invented the ValSa milk salt currently used in spreadable butter and cheese. ValSa has 80 percent less sodium than table salt. Valio notes that its ValSa spreadable butter and cheese products deliver great taste with up to 50 percent less salt.

Valio innovation
Valio’s spreadable butter won Gold in the Spreads Category at the recent International Cheese Awards, beating 15 entrants, with the unsalted butter taking bronze in its category.

Valio cheddar received a Very High Commendation from the jury, the only cheddar not made in traditional cheddar-producing countries like the UK, Ireland or New Zealand, to receive this.

Gut health is a growing global wellbeing trend. Valio Gefilus Kefir yoghurts combine LGG (Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG), the world’s most researched lactic acid bacterium, with kefir, a natural ingredient growing in reputation as an overall healthy superfood.

The first Valio Gefilus product, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) lactic acid bacterium, was launched at the beginning of 1990. The range comprises tasty products with natural flavours and less sugar.

Valio invented ValSa milk salt currently used in spreadable butter and cheese. ValSa has nearly 80% less sodium than table salt. Valio ValSa spreadable butter and cheese products deliver great taste, with up to 50% less salt.

The recommended daily intake of salt is exceeded globally (World Health Organization). Both food manufacturers and consumers want to reduce its intake and keep great taste, but the food industry has struggled to achieve this. Valio ValSa delivers. ValSa is a no-brainer switch for consumers who will love Valio’s ValSa cheese and spreadable butters, which contain up to 50% less salt than competitors. Reduced-salt products have been seen as a sacrifice in terms of taste and quality. With Valio ValSa there is no need to compromise on taste.

Paavo Salminen, Valio’s VP New Markets, said: “Valio launched 126 new products last year. Special products and concepts that promote wellbeing, plus the cleanest milk in the EU define Valio’s competitive advantages. Lactose free Valio Eila products, and Valio Gefilus Kefir products are export leaders. The ValSa milk salt concept is a huge development and real game changer. We are looking forward to showcasing these products at Anuga and getting valuable feedback from our customers.”

Anuga, the world's biggest food & beverage trade show starts in Cologne on Saturday, October 7. 

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Valio is a company owned by Finnish dairy farmers that secures milk production in Finland and the vitality of the nation's countryside by processing milk into tasty products that promote well-being.
Quality, expertise and responsibility have served as Valio's guidelines for more than a century.
Valio is a trailblazer in Finnish nutrition and an international pioneer of functional dairy products.
Valio products are made from the EU's cleanest milk and you can be certain of their origin and safety. Valio safeguards the environment employing recyclable packaging materials and re-usable trays.

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