Taura showcase sugar-reducing powers of fruit & vegetable pieces


18 Oct 2017 --- Natural fruit and vegetable pieces are the ideal way to reduce added sugar without compromising on taste, according to Taura Natural Ingredients. The company has discovered unique URC (Ultra-Rapid Concentration) technology to create real fruit and vegetable pieces, flakes and pastes which offer solutions to reduce added sugar in applications such as baked goods and cereals.

Peter Dehasque, Group Chief Executive Officer, Taura Natural Ingredients, says: “Reduced sugar products are increasingly common but they often leave consumers disappointed. Our unique fruit pieces are the ideal way to cut added sugar while still offering a fantastic flavor and texture experience. When people visit us at FIE they will see and taste first-hand that we offer perfect, natural, clean label solutions to the challenge of reducing added sugar.”

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Dehasque says: “Our real fruit and vegetable pieces are incredibly versatile.  The great thing about them is how many contemporary trends they tap into – the drive to reduce added sugar, growing demand for real fruit and vegetables, 5-a-day targets, the focus on the right low GI sugars, permissive indulgence and healthy snacking.  Whatever manufacturers want to achieve, we can help – we have a team of expert food technologists who work with manufacturers to develop solutions tailored to their requirements.”  
“There’s a long and growing list of applications for our real fruit and vegetable pieces.  They’re perfect for cookies and biscuits, sweet muffins, savory muffins, cereals, chocolate, fruit and vegetable snacks, and low-calorie confections, to name just a few,” he explains. 

“Taura has always been committed to innovating on behalf of customers,” Dehasque notes. “We closely monitor the latest trends and the need of consumers, but we also have a very creative team who are constantly developing new ideas.  Our new mango chutney piece, for example, was inspired by the realization that you can achieve amazing things by combining sweet and savory flavors.” 

The company will also be highlighting innovative flavor concepts that combine sweet and savory flavors, including a mango chutney piece consisting of mango and spices. It will also showcase savory versions of traditionally sweet products.

Dehasque added:“Channelling consumers’ craving for sweetness into savory alternatives is an excellent sugar reduction strategy. By getting innovative with flavors, we can create a bridge from sweet to savory.”

Taura will be demonstrating these sugar reduction solutions at Food Ingredients Europe (28-30 November in Frankfurt). Visitors to Taura’s stand (No. 11.0F98) will be offered a 30 percent reduced added sugar cookie containing the company’s real fruit pieces. They will be able to compare it with a full-sugar cookie and a reduced added sugar cookie without fruit pieces.

By Elizabeth Green

Taura Natural Ingredients


Taura Natural Ingredients is a global manufacturer of fruit pieces, flakes and pastes for cereal, bakery, snack bars and confectionery.  URC fruit ingredients are made using a unique Ultra Rapid Concentration process and are designed to deliver bake stability, low water activity, great flavor and color. URC fruit ingredients are a simple and delicious way to add real fruit goodness to your product innovations. Talk to us about a customised solution today.

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