Mane unveils flavoring solutions to optimize spice impact in savory


13 Oct 2017 --- Mane has unveiled new flavor solutions for savory applications which optimize spice impact on every occasion. This new range of products, known under the name of “Sense Capture Spices” are the result of the synergy between Mane in-house technologies and Kancor’s expertise in sourcing and extraction.

Spices: an indispensable ingredient in savory applications 
Spices are very common in savory applications. They are used mainly for their strong coloring and flavoring properties, sometimes also for their induced preservation properties. Spices are a key ingredient in savory applications, as they easily bring an aromatic signature and an elaborated taste to any dish. Nevertheless, two major issues are related to the use of spices in food: 

  • The steep and often erratic price variations related to seasonal spice availability has a direct impact on the cost of an end-product.
  • The spice quality, which may vary, affects the spice flavor profile and/or its flavor intensity.

The need for a sustainable flavor solution 
In this context, Mane developed a flavor solution to cope with the above-mentioned difficulties linked to the utilization of spices in savory applications and to propose to its customers a sustainable solution to be combined with spices. The objective of this project is not to substitute spices but to compensate a significant amount of spices by using a flavoring solution. 

With this type of composition, the food industries will benefit from the advantages of spices and the advantage of a flavor (standardization of the sensory profile, improvement of the overall price stability, availability all year round, decrease the microbiological risk of spice use). 

The group’s R&D teams imagined a new range of flavors called Sense Capture Spices which enables a reduction in the usage of spices of up to 50 percent in a savory application. The collection consists of 14 flavor references (in natural version or not) with 8 profiles of spices commonly used in savory applications such as black pepper, cumin and nutmeg. 
Sense Capture Spices has been developed principally for Meat applications; this new range is key to reinforce the Mane Meat expertise as it is perfectly adapted to the constraints of the different meat applications (including minced meat, emulsified meats and dried meats). Although it is primarily designed for meat application, the range Sense Capture Spices is also suitable for a large range of savory applications including culinary and snack applications. 
Mane & Kancor synergies
To develop the range, Mane relied on the group’s in-house technologies and on Kancor’s expertise, one of India’s most prominent processor of spices into essential oils and oleoresins, a long-term supplier in which Mane took a majority stake in 2014. The expertise of the 2 companies has been combined to develop Sense Capture Spices: 

  • Traceability of the spices.
  • Selection and transformation of the spices into value-added extracts.
  • Knowledge of the spices composition and key flavoring substances.

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Mane creates flavors for everyday products as diverse as beverages, biscuits, confectionery, dairy products, and savory food. Our independence allows us to make bold choices, to venture along new paths… Our independence is the reason why we have developed a sincere entrepreneurial spirit, thus a freedom to think out of the box.

Therefore, we want to be a different partner, committed to doing more, in a different way. In an ever-changing world, we stand for what we believe in.

Cutting-edge flavours, seasoning blends and a unique expertise for designing sweet to savoury products, combined with an unrivalled knowledge of natural raw materials to bring you the best of nature.

A mix of precious natural essential oils and innovative molecules, resulting from a century of know-how and state-of-the-art extraction technologies, observing trends, giving shape to creation and finding answers to consumer needs.

Synthetic molecules and natural Ingredients coming from remote parts of the world are further elaborated thanks to our in-house technology, partnerships with local producers or internal fundamental research and constitute a comprehensive collection for the most qualitative and thrilling creations.

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