Ingredia Group Creates New Functional Unit

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30 Nov 2012 --- With 50 years of experience and present all around the world, Ingredia group is a major player in the dairy ingredients sector. Dairy powders, proteins, functional systems and bioactives form the whole range.

30 Nov 2012 --- Ingredia Group has created Ingredia Functional, a business unit specialized in high-value-added dairy ingredients and functional systems for food Industries. Its innovative solutions are the result of developments – from idea to industrial launch– made by dedicated teams and customers.

With 50 years of experience and present all around the world, Ingredia group is a major player in the dairy ingredients sector. Dairy powders, proteins, functional systems and bioactives form the whole range.

“Our wish is to be nearer to our customers’ expectations and activity. That’s why Ingredia group creates Ingredia Functional, a business unit dedicated to high value-added dairy ingredients and functional systems for Food Industries. Our innovative solutions are the result of years of experience in the milk's cracking and understanding of the interactions between the different functional ingredients,” the company notes.

Applications are:
•    Cheese: without whey separation technology, traditional cheese, analogs and imitation cheese
•    Fresh dairy products: yogurts, desserts, dairy specialties
•    Bakery
•    Beverages: milk, ready-to-drink beverages...
•    Chocolate and confectionery
•    Frozen creams and desserts
•    Savoury: cold and hot sausages, meat and delicatessen

Ingredia Functional’s strategy deals with three keywords:
•    Know-how: technological, scientic, comercial and marketing from application to finished product
•    Innovation: bring new solutions thanks to dedicated developments
•    Proximity: teams near to its customers all along its projects.

Ingredia Nutritional recently won a prestigious NuW Excellence Award in the last Health Ingredients Europe exhibition. This award was handed in the Physical Performance Innovation of the Year category by a leading panel of industry experts who evaluated the entries on their ability to demonstrate and drive innovation.

Sandrine Cuisenier, Marketing Manager said: “We are honoured to win this NuW Excellence Award and all the more proud that the competition in this category was fierce”.

This award is very important to Ingredia Nutritional, explains Hervé Gasnier, Ingredia Nutritional Director: “This NuW Excellence award recognizes our distinctive innovation strategy.

PRODIET FLUID breakthrough innovation is the culmination of years of joined efforts of our process & application research and marketing teams. The aim was to offer a turnkey solution that fulfils market expectations. Being rewarded for PRODIET FLUID will encourage us in pursuing our innovation efforts with pragmatism.”

PRODIET FLUID is a high quality milk protein isolate (MPI) that meets unrivalled functional assets for the formulation of very high protein drinks. Its exclusive technology allows to reach a never before seen protein content of 35g in 250mL (14% protein content) while maintaining a fluidity similar to that of milk. Indeed, PRODIET FLUID reduces liquid viscosity by up to 88% compared to a similar MPI. This makes PRODIET FLUID the perfect ingredient for very efficient Ready-To-Drink sports drinks for performance, muscle building or recovery.

In addition to those amazing functional attributes, PRODIET FLUID offers numerous benefits. Aurélie Vromaine, Product Manager, details: “PRODIET FLUID provides a natural milky taste with no off-flavour. It is very easy to implement in any drink process, as its use does not require any specific steps or equipment. Moreover, drinks formulated with PRODIET FLUID can undergo UHT treatment for an increased shelf life, as this ingredient offers excellent stability to high temperatures. PRODIET FLUID also features a clean label”.

Not to mention its incredible nutritional assets: PRODIET FLUID is naturally rich in native micellar caseins, features a chemical index superior to 120 and a high content in highly bioavailable native micellar calcium.

Ingredia Nutritional is convinced that PRODIET FLUID will shape the future of protein-based functional beverages. Its marketing team has already imagined a full range of very high protein drinks from this remarkable ingredient.

A video interview about the new technology is available here:

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