Ingredia Group Creates Innovative Technology for Cheese Production

06 Feb 2012 --- This innovative process is used to produce a wide range of cheeses: hard cheeses like gouda, cheddar, edam, washed rind soft cheese or soft ripened, fresh cheeses like cream cheese, quark, labneh) and also processed fresh cheeses.

Feb 6 2012 --- Leader in developing innovative dairy ingredients, IDI teams (Ingredia Group) claims to be revolutionising the world of cheese with their patented technology for hard and soft cheeses without whey separation.

This innovative process is used to produce a wide range of cheeses: hard cheeses like gouda, cheddar, edam, washed rind soft cheese or soft ripened,  fresh cheeses like cream cheese, quark, labneh) and also processed fresh cheeses.

IDI produces a wide range of PROMILK dairy ingredients for all types of cheese. Cheasing’up brings many advantages to the cheese production process.

Its logistical flexibility avoids having to collect and process milk. With cheasing’up, no more standardisation, no curd cutting, no draining and no brining for any products with the option of salting directly into the precheese.

Beyond the flexibility of the technology, gains on operational costs and investments can go up to 60% compared to a traditional installation.

The cheasing’up R&D team will help partners customers develop recipes and formulations according to specifications, such as the availability of raw materials and in compliance with custom duties.

After producing tailor-made finished products, recipes are finalised according to the customer’s needs with the possibility of seeing the process using the IDI semi-industrial plant.

The R&D team will help partners for the first production on the site.

IDI is also marketing its PROMILK functional solutions for fresh dairy products. For dairy desserts such as cream desserts or caramel topped flans, IDI developed several solutions to be used with or without milk.

Depending on market expectation, PROMILK ingredients succeed in producing a demouldable, firm and creamy caramel topped flan or a spoonable, smooth and shiny cream dessert.
Cream dessert is well-known as an indulgent dairy dessert for which IDI developed two different solutions.

PROMILK CD 01 delivers an improved texture with a very good spoonability, smooth and shiny texture, as well as a milky taste.

This functional ingredient has been developed for milk-based cream desserts.

PROMILK CD 02 is dedicated to water-based cream desserts, bringing significant cost reduction to the product recipe.
Caramel-topped flans are especially aimed at children and one important thing is having the right texture to make a product easily demouldable. For this kind of dessert, IDI also developed two different solutions depending on the customer’s requirements.

PROMILK FL 01 has been specifically developed for milk-based caramel topped flans, to improve the final texture of this well-known dairy dessert.

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