Debut for Origins botanically infused waters


21 Sep 2017 --- One Drinks, a company based in Surrey in the UK, has launched its new Origins range of botanically infused spring water drinks. These drinks contain natural ingredients from the places where the company funds life-changing water projects for communities around the world.

One Origins draws on botanicals including Sudanese Hibiscus, Ghanaian Moringa and South African Rooibos, all of which are known for their unique health properties, the company’s press release notes.

“Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to health drinks, yet finding drinkable botanicals outside of tea is difficult,” says Duncan Goose, founder of One Drinks. “Our One Origins range offers consumers refreshing spring water with a difference. Widely sought-after botanicals are combined with refreshing flavors such as grapefruit and ginger to create Origin’s unique taste. The signature flavors of hibiscus, moringa and rooibos set these drinks apart from the competition.”

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Goose says: “Consumers are increasingly health conscious and will continue to look for low-sugar, natural refreshment.  At the same time, brands are trying hard to invigorate meal or snack time hydration with new and exciting flavors.  Our Origins range is organic and contains less than 1 gram of sugar per bottle. This makes Origins one of the lowest sugar water drinks on the market.”

“We will continue to build our range of healthy, refreshing drinks that are good for you and support those in need of clean water. And we won't stop until we live in a world where everyone has access to clean water forever,” he explains. 

Goose continues to campaign for global change. He is currently developing a transformational new project, the Global Investment Fund for Water, to generate a micro levy for the global bottled water sector. This initiative aims to drive a one cent per liter contribution from the rapidly growing bottled water sector to create a catalytic investment fund for water and sanitation.

“We have already raised £15 million for clean water projects, helping to change over 3.2 million lives. With the launch of our new organic, botanically infused spring water Origins range, we're aiming to raise £20 million for water projects by 2020. You can help by picking up a bottle of One Origins - because when you drink One, the world drinks too,” he adds.  

Low-sugar drink with organic flavors
Organically certified and 100 percent natural, Origins will be one of the lowest-sugar organic-flavored water drinks on the market in the UK with less than 1g of sugar per 330ml bottle. The 97 percent water drinks are both gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

The new range is available in three flavors: hibiscus, raspberry and mint; moringa, lemon and lime; and rooibos, grapefruit and ginger. Origins aims to meet the growing consumer demand for healthy, low sugar refreshment and One Drinks has announced that the range is available online from Amazon at £12.30 (US$16.60) for a pack of 12.

The flavors of its new range nod to the latest trends in healthy hydration while profits from sales will fund sustainable water projects worldwide, according to One Origins.

The range is available to be sampled at the annual lunch! trade show which, this year, which is being held at the ExCel exhibition center in London. Now in its tenth year, One Origins points out that lunch! is the only award-winning trade show dedicated to the food-on-the-go sector and has become an important annual meeting place for the sector.

Origins is the latest product from One Drinks. Founded in 2005 by Goose, One Drinks has raised over £15 million, making it the biggest ethical drinks brand by donation in the UK.

To date, the brand has announced that it has changed the lives of 3.2 million people across the globe, by enabling access to clean water. Profits from each bottle of Origins will be donated to water projects across the world, supporting access to clean water for millions of people in the world's poorest communities.

By Paul Creasy

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