Dawn Foods Launches Natural Flavor Blueberry Compound

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26 Feb 2015 --- Dawn Foods has launched Blueberry Compound, a new concentrated all natural fruit flavor paste that can be used to add the subtle taste of blueberry and an attractive hue to frostings and filling creams in cakes and desserts, as well as ice creams, mousses and even milk shakes.

The new Blueberry Compound joins Dawn’s existing range of 19 compounds with flavors such as lemon, caramel, pistachio, mango and cocoa, many of which have also been improved to now offer a range of completely natural flavor pastes to the bakery and food production sectors.

Made with real fruit puree, Dawn’s Blueberry Compound – like the other fruit based compounds in the range – uses natural pectin as its binding system too.

The majority of Dawn Compounds now also have a harmonised dosage of 40-60g per 1000g of cream or batter making it easier for bakers to calculate recipe quantities. All of the compounds also have standardised viscosity to make application much easier too.

“Dawn has identified a gap in the market for all natural flavors which can be added to a variety of sweet bakery items. We have reworked our extensive range of compounds so that bakers can be assured of consistency in every application as well as the natural flavor that their customers demand,” explains Jacqui Passmore, Marketing Manager UK and Ireland at Dawn Foods.

“And, as a known ‘superfruit’, blueberries have a perceived health benefit. They are also synonymous with America and so complement Dawn’s extensive portfolio of American-style mixes, bases and concentrates as well as icings and toppings.”

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