Britvic Boosts Subway’s Low and No Sugar Drinks Initiative at UK Hospital Stores


25 Apr 2017 --- As part of an initiative to cut down on the amount of sugary drinks sold at hospital-based franchises, Subway has announced its 12 NHS stores in the UK have met the relevant criteria relating to food and drink sold on NHS premises for 2016/17.

Simultaneously the brand has exceeded the forthcoming CQUIN (The Commissioning for Quality and Innovation) target announcement, by only serving no sugar and reduced sugar beverages in these stores. 

This roll-out exceeds the deadline for voluntary implementation detailed in the 2017/2018 CQUIN targets, as set-out by NHS England.

According to the sandwich makers, reaching the targets ahead of time was possible after Subway switched over to a new beverage partner as well as creating a comprehensive program for its franchises to focus on low and no sugar drinks options. 

By partnering with Britvic and PepsiCo beverage, Subway stores removed high sugar drinks, in favor of no sugar and reduced sugar dispensed or bottled options only. 

This is part of an inaugural trial that will help determine the shift in customer behavior and sales impact as a result of the no sugar and reduced sugar roll-out.

Now only no sugar and reduced sugar dispensed drinks and bottled variants or water is stocked in fridges. On top of that there are no bundle offers available for cookies or crisps and the ‘help yourself impulse buy’ cookies and crisps removed from the till area as well as healthier crisp options including lower fat, Baked, Sunbites and popcorn varieties. And apples are on sale as as an alternative snack option alongside.

“This action builds upon the strong healthier-for-you food-on-the-go credentials the brand already has in place. It further demonstrates our commitment to providing a better food environment in hospitals to patients, staff and visitors,” says  Peter Dowding, Country Director for the UK and Ireland.

Meanwhile, all Subway stores in the UK feature calorie labeling on menu panels, nutritional posters displayed in-store highlighting calories, fat, saturates, sugars and salt, low fat logo next to low fat subs, the Heart Research UK ‘heart’ logo, which supports a customer’s choice of a Low Fat Sub, and messaging that all Subs can be made into a salad. 

According to the company, these help to prompt customers to make healthier decisions in choosing those items not high in fat, saturates, sugar and salt.

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