Bosch Boden Spies presents new application solutions in response to consumer trends


27 Sep 2017 --- Clean Label, snackification, child-friendly products, and seeds are current trends in the food industry that are likely to become even more important in the future. Hamburg-based ingredient specialist Bösch Boden Spies has investigated these trends and is presenting suitable application solutions based on natural fruit and nut ingredients at Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt (28-30 November). 

Goldenberry-chia fruit balls, 30-percent reduced-sugar BBQ sauce with prune juice concentrate, and sweet-and-savory cheese sticks with cranberry and rosemary (pictured, below) are just a few examples for the innovative food concepts Bösch Boden Spies will be presenting at four “trend islands” at its stand in Hall 8 (08.0P5). Also present at the stand will be selected brand partners including Sunsweet (prunes), Ocean Spray (cranberries), Terrafertil (goldenberries) and Niagro (acerola cherries). They present their range of ingredients, which form the basis of the application solutions on display. 

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Natalia Willner, Team Manager Marketing at Bösch Boden Spies says the clean label trend strongly depends on a consumer’s perspective. “It can be interpreted in a very broad sense such as organic, 100 percent natural and products containing no additives and preservatives. More and more consumers are examining what’s in their food and taking care to eat more health-consciously,” she explains, “Many want products with a functional added value. Others are looking for completely new taste experiences. Yet others want to avoid certain ingredients. There are however consumers who go beyond these criteria and additionally focus on products with a sustainable growth process and fair conditions for farmers.”
According to Willner, the expectations consumers have of a given product have increased significantly in recent years. “They want to understand the products and trace their value creation as closely as possible. This is why clean label is now being taken one step further: "clean supreme" is a holistic approach that requires transparency across the entire value chain.”

“We have seen the clean label trend in 2015, 2016, and are still seeing it now in 2017,” she adds. “There is a high demand for natural ingredients, clean ingredient lists, functional added value, and ever new, inspiring taste experiences. This combination of consumer’s strongly growing requirements is a strong indicator to believe that clean label will not only be a trend but an Click to Enlarge established worldwide food standard in the future. Major food producers are planning to eventually eliminate all artificial colorants from their ingredient lists. They also intend to use reformulation strategies to adapt their ranges to new consumer requirements. Many manufacturers are taking advantage of this development to shift to natural colorants, and thereby simultaneously meet the growing demand for fruit and vegetable ingredients.”

“Superfoods are a great way to achieve an added health value in snacks, Willner continues. “Apart from the health properties such as protein, fiber, natural vitamin C or the ability to naturally enhance flavor, superfoods can help to create an exotic taste and texture for snack products.” 

Seminars and workshops 
Trade visitors can gain even deeper insights into current consumer trends and get ideas for trend-driven product innovations based on fruit and nut ingredients at the workshops hosted by Bösch Boden Spies at the stand in cooperation with its brand partners. The program includes topics like “Clean Label Solutions with Prune Ingredients” and “Snack Innovations Featuring the Versatile Cranberry.” Workshops take place daily at 11 am and 2 pm in Hall 8. 
New branding 
This is the first time the ingredients expert will be exhibiting as “Bösch Boden Spies” at Food Ingredients Europe. In the past, the ingredients specialist had presented under the name of its subsidiary bolasco. Since bolasco was fully merged into Bösch Boden Spies at the beginning of September, the FIE tradeshow presentation will center on the new, unified branding.  

Bösch Boden Spies GmbH & Co. KG


Bösch Boden Spies GmbH & Co. KG: 
Bösch Boden Spies is an import and innovation agency for high-quality, natural fruit and nut ingredients. The focus is on products with outstanding functionality. Bösch Boden Spies develops innovative application and marketing concepts for them, thereby creating new markets for their producers and clients from trade and industry. Food manufacturers and retailers in Germany and Europe profit from the ingredients expert’s extensive know-how and tailor-made services. Fairness, transparency and long-lasting partnerships are principles that Bösch Boden Spies actively promotes.

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