New Table Top Sweetener from LAICA, Naturally Sweetened with Stevia by PureCircle

20 Jun 2011 --- “We are committed to delivering what our consumers want and it is clear that our consumers are looking for natural, calorie-reduced sweetening products that complement our core sugar business” said Mr. Edgar G. Herrera, General Manager of LAICA.

6/20/2011 --- LAICA, the leading sweetener manufacturer in Costa Rica, has introduced a new sweetener under the Natuvia brand featuring high purity stevia by PureCircle and the Stevia PureCircle trust mark.

The Natuvia product is 100% naturally sweetened with stevia by PureCircle and sucrose.  It contributes no calories tothe foods and beverages it sweetens and will complement LAICA’s portfolio of sugar products including the Doña Maria brand.  Natuvia also carries the Stevia PureCircle trust mark on its packaging to communicate its great tasting, natural sweetness and provide a base of trust to consumers.  Stevia by PureCircle is a great tasting, natural sweetening ingredient derived from the stevia plant.

“We are proud to be working with LAICA to bring a new natural sweetening option to consumers in Costa Rica” said Jason Hecker, Vice President of Global Marketing PureCircle Limited.  “Our goal is to provide consumers in markets around the world with great tasting options that naturally reduce calories and allow for healthier diets.”

Natuvia is the newest addition to the growing number of food and beverage products that carry the Stevia PureCircle trust mark.  The trust mark is currently being licensed by leading brands in the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia across more than 50 food and beverage products such as Silk Light soymilk, True Lemonade drink mix and Steviacane table top sweetener in the US as well as Go Coco coconut water in Australia and 100% stevia table top sweetener in Brazil.  The trust mark serves as a symbol of quality and reliable sourcing for consumers and is supported by such activities as PureCircle’s We Grow Joy campaign ( and the Global Stevia Institute (

“We are committed to delivering what our consumers want and it is clear that our consumers are looking for natural, calorie-reduced sweetening products that complement our core sugar business” said Mr. Edgar G. Herrera, General Manager of LAICA.  “PureCircle helped us address this need with both a high quality, great tasting ingredient and a communication platform to educate consumers.”

Natuvia is nationally distributed in Costa Rica with print and television advertising support.  The product is now available on retail shelves in a package of 100 1-gram sachets and of 50 1-gram sachets.

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