DATE: 20 June 2016
Prodiet Lactoferrin: a unique natural bioactive
Lactoferrin is a protein naturally occurring in milk and human secretions. This glycoprotein has a high iron binding capacity which provides antimicrobial activity. Moreover, Lactoferrin has shown real benefits in immune health, gut health and skin health.PRODIET Lactoferrin is directly produced from premium French fresh milk and not from by-products. The cutting-edge technology from Ingredia enables PRODIET Lactoferrin to keep the same native structure as in fresh milk. As a result, Prodiet Lactoferrin ensures the highest purity on the market in a non-denatured form. Prodiet Lactoferrin activity and efficacy have been scientifically validated. Ingredia Nutritional develops and manufactures innovative natural bioactive ingredients for Health and Nutrition industries worldwide. Their unique and high-end solutions benefit from scientifically proven efficacy, giving finished products targeted health benefits for real added-value.