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As a dairy innovation expert, EPI Ingredients masters the dairy raw materials and their transformation, as well as most industrial processes specific to each and every professional of the food and nutrition industries. 

Since every organoleptic, functional and nutritional aspects of the proposed solutions are assessed in your targeted market, every answer is tailored to your needs.   

Strong of years of international experience, EPI Ingredients offers you solutions that will accompany you in winning new markets. 

EPI Ingredients has a wide range of products from basic ingredients: milk powder, Caseinates, Whey powders, Butter milk powder, to the most specific: Fermented milk powder, butter powder, cream powder, also including some low or high fat milk replacers. 
Each of these ingredients has functional, nutritional, cost-savings advantages which bring solutions fitting your needs.  


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Food Ingredients News  31 October 2018

Epi Ingredients tackles Middle East logistical hurdles with new powder-only dairy concept

31 Oct 2018 --- Dairy innovation experts, Epi Ingredients is tackling the challenges of preserving fresh milk in markets where supply can be limited. The company has launched a high-protein yogurt concept that has been produced using high-quality ultra-filtered dairy powders, cultures and water. Fueled by growing health awareness and rising numbers of overweight and obese people, the Middle Eastern dairy industry is experiencing rapid expansion.

Food Ingredients News  30 October 2018

Epi & Co targets plant-based markets in Europe, debuts chickpea and wheat offerings

30 Oct 2018 --- As the demand for plant-based core meal solutions heats up across Europe, Epi & Co, part of the French cooperative group, Tereos, is offering new wheat and chickpea based gourmet specialties made from ingredients that have been sourced locally in France and Germany. The group aims to promote diets based on plant-based proteins, that are both healthier and more respectful of the environment.

Regulatory News  02 March 2018

Save the bee: EU-wide protection plan set out to save at-risk populations

02 Mar 2018 --- MEPs are to set out a Pan-European long-term survival strategy that involves potential bans on all harmful pesticides, tightening up checks to eliminate fake honey imports and promoting the health benefits of honey.

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From TWOFI  30 October 2018

Future Dairy Challenges

30 Oct 2018 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on trends in the dairy ingredients space. How big is the challenge faced by the dairy alternatives market?

From TWOFI  20 November 2017

Opinion Edge: Dairy for the Future

20 Nov 2017 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on trends to watch in dairy. Which trends are driving new product development and where are the opportunities?

From TWOFI  01 October 2016

Opinion Edge: A Look Inside The Future Dairy Cabinet

01 Oct 2016 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on dairy trends. Where are the undiscovered opportunities for dairy nutritionals and bioactives? What about the rise in marketing dairy products on snacking platforms?

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22 December 2017

Convenience opportunities in dairy-based beverages – EPI Laita

22 Dec 2017 --- The big innovation for EPI Laita at FiE 2017 was SoFlexi, a powder mix concept to showcase one of the company’s main ingredients, its yogurt powder with live bacteria. “With this mix of powder, you can make different beverages: a yogurt drink when you mix with water, an acid dairy drink when you mix with water and juice, and a milkshake,” says Mathieu Lucot. The product is very convenient and flexible, hence the name, and the company is proud to showcase its benefits.

10 February 2017

Targeting New Opportunities in Infant Nutrition

10 Feb 2017 --- With the construction of a dedicated state-of-the-art drying tower expected to be fully operational by the end of 2017, EPI Ingredients presented its infant and children nutrition portfolio at HiE 2016. The company is marketing both liquid and powdered solutions, ranging from bulk ingredients to finished products packaged for retail and ready-to-market. Beyond demineralized whey powders perfectly adapted to be incorporated into infant formulas, the company will turn the spotlight on their new Stage 1 to Stage 3 baby formulas (standard and premium). EPI Ingredients has launched a demineralized whey infant nutrition ingredient and is also presenting a B2C infant nutrition line.

14 March 2016

Concepts With Innovative Dairy Ingredients

14 Mar 2016 --- Epi Ingredients recently went through a complete corporate rebranding as part of a plan designed to support the group’s substantial investments in our division as well as to strengthen our leading position in the international dairy ingredients market. The rollout of the new corporate identity was only the ground work, laying the foundation for a complete redefinition of the company’s offering, along with the consequent remodeling of its sales tools. With a revisited product offering, Epi Ingredients is aiming to supply solutions fully adapted to meet current market requirements without sacrificing the taste and texture of the end-products.