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Emsland Stärke GmbH

Emsland Group - Potato starch and derivatives
‘using nature to create’ – this guiding principle characterises the company philosophy behind the Emsland Group. Harvested raw materials are processed into innovative trendsetting quality products in tune with nature.

With a unique and creative range of products, expertise and local service, the Emsland Group has gained a foothold in the market and is not only Germany’s largest producer of potato starch, but is also a global leader in manufacturing refined starch products, fibers as well as potato flakes and granules.

Supplier of starches, flakes and granules
Emsland Group has a wide product portfolio with innovative and tailor-made products solutions of its customers. Starches based on potatoes and peas are successfully used in many sectors of food industry. Our fibres, flakes and granules are also indispensable for manufacturing all types of food. The Emsland Group has specialised in processing and refining renewable raw materials in:

     Potato starch and derivatives;
     Potato fibres;
     Potato flakes;
     Potato granules;
     During intercampaign pea starch and derivatives;
     Pea fibres and proteins;
     Derivatives based on (waxy) corn, tapioca, wheat;
     Other food ingredients, hydrocolloids and additives.

Our functional valued „Food Innovations“ are ideal for a wide range of applications. Depending on your needs, these natural and neutral-tasting ingredients can be used to optimize texture, appearance and firmness. In many cases our products are not just food ingredients, but are used as thickeners, binding agents, emulsifiers and stabilizing additives to create innovative and promising food solutions.

Starches for food production
The demands that food consumers make from products they buy are increasing all the time. They want uncomplicated, quick preparation. Above all, the range of products has to appeal in terms of taste and look. Furthermore, it has to fulfil nutritional criteria. Emsland Group applications are indispensable in food ingredients, as they increase functional value. The most important food segments we develop new food concepts, reformulate concepts, optimise total cost of production and reduce environmental impact are:

     Soups, sauces and gravies;
     Potato products;
     Meat, poultry and seafood;
     Pasta and noodles;
     Bakery products;

We offer solutions for trends such as clean label, kosher & halal, gluten-free, fibre enriched, sustainability, acrylamide reduction, vegan as well as non-GMO and natural.

The Emsland Group has clear quality directives and is certified. Further details can be found at All products are made in Germany and guaranteed Kosher and Halal certified.

Apart from controlling a total of six production sites in Germany, the Emlichheim-based company headquarters of the globally active Emsland Group also controls a global network of 100 agencies and representative offices in Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa, Asia, as well as in North America and South America. Geographical proximity to regional markets enables the Emsland Group to spot global trends and react to them accordingly. This is a key criterion, in order to remain competitive in the future.

Emsland Group – a company which guarantees quality and establishes trust.

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Business News  26 September 2018

European drought: Starch supplier Avebe braces for “historically low potato harvest”

26 Sep 2018 --- Avebe is increasing the advance payment for potatoes to €67 a ton to mitigate the impact of extreme drought and high temperatures. The Dutch potato starch manufacturer is bracing itself for a substantially lower than usual harvest this season as drought and high temperatures have battered potato yields all over Europe which will lead to a decline in the availability of potato products.

Food Ingredients News  18 September 2018

Snack attack: Better-for-you, healthy, spicy and savory NPD drivers

18 Sep 2018 --- More consumers frequently snack throughout the day. Salty snacks are competing not only with each other but also with a myriad of other categories as more food and drink products have become “snackable.” Also, busy lifestyles, concerns about long-term health and the desire to get health-boosting benefits from daily food and drinks have also affected the snack aisle.

Food Ingredients News  05 September 2018

European drought: Potato starch supplier Emsland warns of “dramatic” cost increase to raw materials

05 Sep 2018 --- The European potato harvest will be at a historically low level this year and present a massive challenge for growers, processors and their customers. Due to the crop failures in potato fields, some of which were total failures, the availability of potato products will be significantly reduced. According to the Raw Materials Procurement Department of the Emsland Group, potato fields of the contract farmers of the group are in dire conditions.

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From TWOFI  20 September 2016

Opinion Edge: Solutions for on Trend Snacks and Bakery

20 Sep 2016 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on bakery & snacks trends and formulation. What does the prolific growth in clear label and natural options mean for suppliers to the sector?

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29 January 2018

New starch solutions amid the protein boom

29 Jan 2018 --- Emsland is launching a couple of new starch products to address functional demands. “It’s more than starch, today, what we’re doing,” says Thomas Pruter at the company. “We are a processor of peas and potatoes in Germany with seven factories, and today we are using the complete package you can get out of these crops.” This means that it’s not just about starch, but also about flakes, protein and fibers that are used in the company’s formulations. The company is also seriously following trends like protein enrichment and using more vegetable proteins.

02 March 2017

Good vibrations... with new cheese preparations!

02 Mar 2017 --- For cheese products the Emsland Group offers you a wide range of product solutions and mixtures. By using our various starches and proteins, you can optimize the performance of your products, such as their grating ability, spreadability, melting behavior and storability, and thus adapt them to meet your individual requirements.

11 January 2016

New Starch Solutions to Meet the Clear Label Trend

11 Jan 2016 --- The Emsland Group exhibited at an open, clear and clean booth at FiE 2015, with the slogan “Clear and Clean Up Your Labels.” Visitors were given professional advice from the many experts on-hand, especially from the specialists from the sales and application technology divisions. Many of the visitors were able to sample products and attend live cooking demonstrations from the cooperative company Amodori and were able to be directly convinced about the products of the Emsland Group.

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26 August 2018

Gluten-free, a major trend for food ingredients

26 Aug 2018 --- With years of experiences in this sector, Emsland Group is able to provide innovative product solutions based on potatoes and peas for a wide range of gluten-free applications (gluten-free bakery, pasta, soups, dairy and meat). They allow you e.g. to create various gluten-free bakery products while also meeting your individual requirements.

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16 July 2018

Plant Power with... Embat® LF

16 Jul 2018 --- Emsland Group developed the new French Fries coating Embat® LF for fat reduction. Embat® LF reduces the fat absorption and shows a reduced fat content of the French Fry. Another benefit of the new product is the improved heat holding time.

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30 April 2018

Plant Power with ... Empro® pea protein isolate

30 Apr 2018 --- The latest developed and manufactured pea protein isolates of Emsland Group are Empro® E 86 and Empro® E 86 HV. These products are ideal for many food applications. Our Empro® – types provides important nutritional and functional benefits as well as easy handling and excellent food-technical characteristics. The latest developed and manufactured pea protein isolates of Emsland Group are Empro® E 86 and Empro® E 86 HV. These products are ideal for many food applications. Our Empro® – types provides important nutritional and functional benefits as well as easy handling and excellent food-technical characteristics.

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