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Carrière GmbH Committed To Taste

CARRIÈRE – your trading partner for liquid fruits, vegetables and aromas.

Our mission is to provide our suppliers and customers a substantial, professional and perfect service.

The worldwide procurement of juice raw materials does involve special requirements, which are perfectly known to us as well as the related logistics. Impeccable service has a long tradition for us as a family business.

Our product scope also consists of organically grown and fairly traded products. Therefore we offer a wide portfolio of ORGANIC and FAIRTRADE products. FAIRTRADE is more than just a label for us. Fair and sustainable trading always was and will remain part of the Carrière philosophy. We successfully obtained the RAINFOREST ALLIANCE certificate in April 2018 and can now officially offer our customers RA certified products. Since the founding of Carrière GmbH we have been members of the SGF. This association of voluntary self-control of the fruit juice branch monitors the quality, security and labelling of fruit juices, nectars and drinks in respect to raw materials and finished products.

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Carrière is strongly involved in the orange and pineapple business for the beverage industry and has continuously developed into a global player with a diversified range of products. We also service component and aroma producers, as well as existing juice manufacturers. Clear and cloudy vegetable juices as well as concentrates round off our product portfolio.

Our aseptic and frozen purées and concentrates used in catering/gastronomy, fruit preparations, smoothies and the beverage industry are strongly represented by tropical fruits, such as guava, mango and passionfruit.

100% natural aromas from the named fruit are increasingly being used in all food sectors. Our range of supply comprises FTNF restoration aromas and waterphases of almost every fruit.

IQF and dried powders from fruit and vegetable also make part of our product portfolio.

By-products derived from fruit processing, such as essential oils, terpenes, d'limonene, seed oils, seeds, peels and much more complement our range of products.

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