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Cargill Asia Pacific

More than simply a food ingredients supplier, Cargill deeply understands our customers' strategies, consumers, distribution channels and competition. We deliver solutions that help the food industry and beverage manufacturers drive growth through new product innovation and reformulation. Cargill helps reduce costs through supply chain and manufacturing process efficiency and managing commodity price risk. Cargill helps our food industry and beverage manufacturing customers create unique products that fill product pipelines and reduce time-to-market by connecting our diverse food ingredients supplier capabilities — marketers, research scientist, application experts, risk managers and manufacturing process engineers — and seamlessly delivering these resources to customers. As a service and solution-oriented food ingredients supplier, our broad portfolio helps our customers address their food product development needs across the spectrum of applications and categories. Cargill helps our customers safely manufacture products every day around the world by reliably originating and distributing grain, oilseeds and other food ingredient commodities and by processing a diverse food ingredients supplier portfolio that spans core and specialty ingredients, ingredient systems and finished food systems.

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Food Ingredients News  10 October 2018

Part of the solution or the problem? Industry reacts to stark climate change warnings

10 Oct 2018 --- Climate change is a hot topic for the food industry with many key players setting ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut down on waste, use energy efficiently and streamline strategies to tackle what is a profound challenge with direct implications on food safety, supply chains and raw materials. The notion of how big business will contribute to the fight against climate change is one of the key issues being debated after a leading body of experts, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), issued its starkest warning yet this week.

Food Ingredients News  02 October 2018

Palm oil: Industry reiterates improvements and sustainability targets, campaign groups urge more efforts against deforestation

02 Oct 2018 --- The journey for sustainable palm oil is picking up the pace in the food industry recently as big businesses push forward with sustainability pledges, palm oil-free products hit the shelves and the often controversial commodity remains in the spotlight. As we head into the last months of 2018, FoodIngredientsFirst recaps on the strides forward for some of the key players in the move towards a 100 percent sustainable palm oil industry.

Business News  01 October 2018

Cargill’s net profit rises 5 percent, reports “slightly lower” adjusted profit for food ingredients business

01 Oct 2018 --- Cargill’s net profit rose 5 percent during the summer months, but its adjusted earnings were flat as only one of its four business units reported a gain. The only one of the privately held company’s business units to show a gain this summer was Origination & Processing, which includes the trading of grains and other commodities.

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From TWOFI  22 June 2018

Right back to the source

22 Jun 2018 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on the demand for traceability & sustainability. What is driving the demand for clearer labels and what role can suppliers play?

From TWOFI  22 June 2018

Fats & oils: keeping pace in dynamic times

22 Jun 2018 --- Companies are progressively becoming committed to creating sustainable, transparent and traceable supply chains. Since clean label is now a mainstream characteristic, label-friendly formulations are being sought-after in the fats and oils space.

From TWOFI  30 November 2017

View From the Top: Alain Dufait, Managing Director Starches & Sweeteners Europe, Cargill

30 Nov 2017 --- For decades, Europe’s sweetener market has been dictated by the European sugar regime. This limits the production of glucose-fructose syrup (GFS) to 720,000 tons, equivalent to 5 percent of beet sugar production. In addition, while Europe protected itself from imports from non-EU countries, it was faced with a WTO export limit of 1.4 million tons of sugar.

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14 August 2018

The debut of a next generation stevia solution

14 Aug 2018 --- Cargill’s broad portfolio of sweeteners is claimed to help customers deliver “great tasting products,” whether they are taking out sugar or doing so for clean label purposes. Cargill recently introduced their EverSweet stevia extract formulation to the market. “Cargill has set a new benchmark for sweetness without calories with our EverSweet sweetener,” says Andrew Ohmes, Global Stevia Business Leader for Cargill. “Our goal has always been to address our customers’ needs to make lower-calorie products that taste great and are affordable to all.” The EverSweet sweetener is claimed to deliver the best of the same sweetness in the stevia leaf. The next-generation sweetener is promoted on the grounds of taste with up to 100 percent sugar replacement possible.

02 February 2018

A wide scope for ingredient innovation

02 Feb 2018 --- “Partner for sustainable growth” was the cornerstone of Cargill’s presence at Food Ingredients Europe 2017 stand. The focal point of Cargill’s stand was an inviting “Market Plaza” where food manufacturers could interact with dedicated specialists and discover how Cargill helps fuel sustainable business growth, with various concepts on display in different application areas. Cargill targets trends that include label-friendliness, sodium and calorie reduction, cost optimization, specialized nutrition and plant-based alternatives.

04 July 2017

New Stevia Development for Sugar Free Options

04 Jul 2017 --- In 2018, Cargill’s EverSweet next-generation sweetener will hit the US market with “great taste with up to 100% sugar replacement.” It is made with the same sweetness that is found in the stevia leaf, to delight your taste buds with calorie-free joy. The new sweetening solution uses the age-old technique of fermentation – with a modern twist. Using a specially crafted baker’s yeast, the EverSweet sweetener delivers the best of the same sweetness in the stevia leaf.

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19 January 2012

T For Trends Webinar

19 Jan 2012 --- Translating 2012 Food Trends into Your Chocolate Applications