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Biospringer – Natural Yeast Ingredients

With 160 years of expertise, Biospringer is the global producer of natural yeast ingredients for the food industry. Its range of products is the most comprehensive on the market and includes yeast extracts, dried food yeast, autolyzed yeast, yeast cells. Essential in the construction of taste, Biospringer's products provide solutions for improving flavour profile with natural base notes, umami and kokumi notes as well as solutions for salt reduction and fat reduction.

Biospringer operates five factories in France, China, United States and Brazil. Its R&D team strives to continuously improve its products range ensuring Biospringer provides state of the art products today and tomorrow. In addition, in each region, its Culinary Center teams can help food producers get the most out of Biospringer products in their recipes.

Biospringer is a Business Unit of Lesaffre, significant player worldwide for the design and production of yeast solutions for the bakery, nutrition and human care industries.

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Business News  02 July 2018

Lesaffre eyes fermented foods resurgence, doubles capacity at Biospringer plant

02 Jul 2018 --- Lesaffre is targeting opportunity for fermented ingredients such as yeast, amid a reinvigorated interest in the use of these age-old processes. Growing global demand for natural and clean label ingredients is further boosted by an overarching theme towards salt and sugar reduction. These market dynamics have led the company to expand production, including at a key French facility, but future expansion will likely come in developing markets.

Food Ingredients News  09 June 2016

Biospringer Launches Springer Organic Baker’s Yeast Extract, Meeting the Need for Clean and Simple Ingredients

09 Jun 2016 --- Biospringer launches Springer Organic Baker’s Yeast Extract, meeting the industry’s need for clean and simple ingredients. This new organic baker’s yeast extract strongly delivers on flavor enhancement and taste modification.

Business News  08 December 2015

Lesaffre Reveals New Look for Biospringer Business

08 Dec 2015 --- Biospringer, the yeast ingredient specialist, has introduced a new look for its logo, which has been strategically redesigned to reflect its mission of providing solutions, using natural ingredients to improve food taste and sensory qualities around the world. The new look conforms with the trusted expertise of Lesaffre, globally recognized by customers for yeast solutions for the bakery, nutrition and human care industries.

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