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AstaReal AB

Company Information

AstaReal AB is a pioneer and world leader in research based natural astaxanthin health products.  Produced in Sweden and marketed under the AstaReal® brand, AstaReal AB is committed to supplying natural astaxanthin products that exceed market standards.

AstaReal was the first company in the world to commercially produce natural astaxanthin from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis. AstaReal® products are backed by extensive expertise and unrivalled experience in the field of microalgae research and production.

AstaReal AB continues to lead the way in the production and innovation of natural astaxanthin. The algae are grown indoors in stainless steel Photo bioreactors under carefully controlled and hygienic conditions - resulting in more effective, cleaner and safer processes. Furthermore, AstaReal´s unique cultivation technique results in astaxanthin of the highest concentration, purity and quality available on the market. 

With clinically validated benefits for applications such as skin health and anti-aging, muscle endurance, immune function, eye health, cardiovascular health, gastric health and brain health, AstaReal® natural astaxanthin is an essential addition to your product portfolio to address the many opportunities within the anti-aging and healthy aging markets.

Product Information

AstaReal offers a range of bulk natural astaxanthin products to fit different applications that are guaranteed high potency, quality and stability. 

The bulk product range includes an algal meal rich in astaxanthin, an oil extract and a water dispersible powder, allowing for the development of innovative products that add astaxanthin´s unsurpassed antioxidant power. 

AstaReal® natural astaxanthin products are approved for use in dietary supplements, food and cosmetic applications. 

In addition, AstaReal has developed a range of finished formulations containing AstaReal® natural astaxanthin, each expertly developed to support a number of health areas.

AstaReal® is the natural astaxanthin of choice, and is used and endorsed by health professionals around the world.  AstaReal offers specialist advice and is committed to providing the highest level of attention and service to all of our customers. Contact us to find out more about our superior range of natural astaxanthin products.

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Regulatory News  06 August 2014

AstaReal Gains Health Canada Approval for Astaxanthin Product

06 Aug 2014 --- AstaReal, Inc. announced its successful Canadian Product License approval for astaxanthin of up to 12mg per day. On July 25, 2014, AstaReal, Inc. received its notification from Health Canada approving the use of AstaReal natural astaxanthin as a “source of antioxidants” and to “help improve muscle endurance”.

Regulatory News  29 July 2014

AstaREAL: Negative EFSA Astaxanthin Opinion Does Not Affect Our Ability to Market Dietary Supplements

29 Jul 2014 --- Last week, the EFSA panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA) published a scientific opinion on the proposed use of 4 mg algal astaxanthin in dairy products and fruit drinks. The panel concluded that the safety of algal astaxanthin at the proposed use and dosage has not been established. AstaReal note that “this opinion does not affect our ability to market dietary supplements, it only delays our entry into a new market area.”

Nutrition & Health News  16 May 2014

Astareal Triples its Production Capacity of Natural Astaxanthin to Meet Increased Demand

16 May 2014 --- AstaReal Technologies opened its new manufacturing facility in Moses Lake on the 14th of May, with a grand celebration attended by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and community leaders from Grant County and the City of Moses Lake. The new 59.000 sq.ft plant will be in full operation in July 2014 and will initially employ 45 people.

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