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Angel Yeast Co.,Ltd

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd was founded in 1986, as a listed high-tech yeast company in China, which is specialized in the mass production of yeast and yeast derivatives. Angel Yeast posseses twelve international advanced factories and eight technical centers at home and abroad.

Angel Yeast is also one of the main yeast extracts(YE)suppliers in the world after decades of development, with four professional YE production lines in China, Angel’s total capacity of YE is 61,000 tons. In the coming years, to better serve its customers, Angel is going to launch its first overseas YE production line in Egypt. By estimation, this overseas YE production line will be finished at 2019. 

Angel Yeast is capable of supplying basic yeast extract, high Umami yeast extract, rich peptides yeast extract and flavor yeast extract. And the applications of Angel YE include soups, sauces, instant noodles, snacks, meat products and other food applications. Angel’s outstanding R&D and technical application team rich of experiences for providing customers tailor-made food solutions according to different applications.

Angel YE properties are as below:

Natural ingredient

Natural source of Umami

Pure taste 

Reducing salt & sugar

Clean label 

Gluten free