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When you use almonds in your formulations, you’re not only adding great taste and nutrients; you’re adding a versatile ingredient that consumers demand. Almonds bring the perfect balance to any product, and people are eating them right up. In fact, since 2006, almonds have been the number one nut used in global new product introductions.* So go ahead and serve up some extra appeal with your next product, just make sure almonds are in.

*Innova Market Insights, Global New Products Report, 2011.

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Food Ingredients News  13 February 2019

Snacking innovation: Almonds thrive amid calls for healthier options

13 Feb 2019 --- Consumer demand for better‐for‐you snack products is driving the growing global interest in almonds and almond ingredients, as product formulators strive to attract the increasingly health-conscious public. Consumers are pivoting towards simple, unprocessed, clean label foods and many are looking for healthier snacking options.

Food Ingredients News  06 February 2019

“Bee safe”: Pesticide-free strategies recommended in Californian almond orchards

06 Feb 2019 --- New research has been carried out that helps solve the growing problem of honey bee pollinators and their offspring dying while they migrate to the US West Coast during the almond blossoming season. Every winter there is a mass migration of honey bees to California which helps pollinate the Central Valley's trees responsible for more than 80 percent of the world’s almonds. But, in recent years more bees and larvae were dying and nobody was exactly sure why – until now.

Business News  25 January 2019

Almonds and water efficiency: “Californian drought was a statewide wakeup call,” says trade body exec

25 Jan 2019 --- The Californian almond sector, which produces 80 percent of the world’s supply of almonds, is strengthening its 2025 sustainability strategy by including further efforts around water efficiency. Despite staunch criticism directed at his sector in the wake of a long Californian drought that has now ended, Almond Board of California (ABC) President and CEO Richard Waycott stresses how sustainability has been a key pillar for almond growers in the region for more than 30 years. The 2012-2016 drought was a wakeup call for the state as a whole, rather than an actual stimulus for innovation as such, he claims. Following an unexpected frost in February 2018, that impacted last year’s harvest, this one promises to be “robust,” notwithstanding unforeseen events, ABC forecasts.

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From TWOFI  13 September 2018

NPD: Baked to perfection

13 Sep 2018 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on trends impacting the bakery & snacking segments. What should we be looking out for in terms of flavor and texture trends?

From TWOFI  01 May 2018

Hitting the Healthy Snacking Sweet Spot

01 May 2018 --- The changing face of the snacking sector sees innovation with healthy ingredients, while there are some fundamental changes including how meals are taking on a snack-like appearance.

From TWOFI  14 September 2017

Snacking 2020: The Opportunities

14 Sep 2017 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on savory bakery & snacks trends and formulation. How is snacking evolving and where are the untapped opportunities?

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Ingredient Focus


18 February 2019


Globalization has sparked consumers’ curiosity to discover new flavors, food and drinks. At the same time, growing awareness about the role of nutrition in overall health is prompting consumers to prioritize healthy options. Nuts, seeds and fruit hold great appeal, especially in the growing snacking category.

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30 July 2018

Almonds gain greater NPD traction

30 Jul 2018 --- The Almond Board of California (ABC) presented snacking insights and samples at IFT, Chicago. With the latest research and live demonstrations, ABC’s industry and culinary experts were available to address questions about California almonds. Throughout IFT 2018, Chef Rob Corliss of All Things Epicurean was available for individual or small-group California Almond Solution Sessions, offering a deep-dive into the inspiration of this year’s IFT samples and assistance for other almond-related inquiries. The company presented new product data from Innova Market Insights, which highlighted the almond’s continued role as the leading nut in new product development. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke with Molly Spence on almonds gaining greater NPD traction.

23 January 2018

The outlook for innovation with almonds

23 Jan 2018 --- The Almond Board of California highlights the positives and the strategies that it is employing from a sustainability perspective. “We take a very holistic approach in terms of the research that we fund to support our growers and our crop,” says Karen Lapsley. “From that perspective, we have four research programs, and now we’ve just added on a whole biomass research program with the ultimate goal of working toward zero waste for our crop.” In terms of the hulls and shells from the almonds, the board is looking for different ways to process and utilize them, with potential examples being animal feed and insect farming.

28 August 2017

The Surge in Almond Applications

28 Aug 2017 --- According to new data from Innova Market Insights, California almonds were the number one nut used in new products worldwide in 2016, the tenth year that almonds have held the lead position for nuts used in new product introductions. Almonds were featured in 38 percent of new food introductions featuring nuts in 2016, a five percent increase from the previous year. Key categories for worldwide almond product launches include confectionery (23 percent), bakery (20 percent) and snacks (18 percent), as well as bars (12 percent) and cereal (nine percent), which together account for 82 percent of almond product introductions.1 In more than 15 forms including almond milk, butter and flour, almonds are one of the most versatile nuts and the nut that is most top-of-mind for global consumers. Molly Spence of the Almond Board of California discusses the key trends.

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25 April 2018

Trending up: Applying the latest innovations to chocolate and nut confections

25 Apr 2018 --- In this webinar, Lu Ann Williams of Innova Market Insights highlights the latest trends in chocolate products with almonds. Chocolatier Wendy Sherwood of the Culinary Institute of America shares recipes and her inspiration behind the development, with a look into how she works to align confectionary concepts with the latest consumer trends.

05 April 2017

Future Forward: Top Consumer Trends Set to Impact the Chocolate Aisle

05 Apr 2017 ---  In this webinar, Lu Ann Williams of Innova Market Insights highlights the top trends that will most impact how consumers purchase chocolate products. And, based on his more than 20 years of experience crafting unique chocolate creations, Richard Cusick of Evolution Artisan Confections shares recipe inspiration that align with consumer trends.

17 March 2016

Trending Inclusions: Increasing Consumer Appeal of Chocolate Products with Ingredients like Almonds

17 Mar 2016 --- Lu Ann Williams of Innova Market Insights provides a “state of the industry” overview of global chocolate products in this webinar. Using real-world product examples, David Bradley, the Curious Confectioner, shares four new recipes he developed with trending inclusions.