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AAK refines vegetable oils for specialised products which meet customers' high requirements. In partnership with its customers.

AAK are always on the look out for partners whose production relies on high value-added vegetable oils. The company says that this is what has made AAK the world's leading producer of speciality vegetable fats. The products are used as substitutes for dairy fat and cocoa butter, as transfree solutions for fillings for chocolate and confectionery products, as well as by the cosmetics industry.

The company’s raw materials are obtained from areas such as Asia and West Africa. AAK is committed to sustainable development and is one of the prime movers behind RSPO, the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, and GreenPalm Ltd. Through these initiatives, AAK has contributed to the natural extraction of palm oil through natural agricultral development.

AAK's products originate in the plant kingdom and are renewable. This means that they achieve a minimal impact on the environment. AAK's products are used, for example, as lubricants for forestry machinery. The waste products discharged by the machinery to the eco-system during the production process have no harmful impact on the environment.

AAK is organised into three business areas: Chocolate & Confectionery Fats, Food Ingredients and Technical Products & Feed. The cosmetics unit, which is part of Chocolate & Confectionery Fats, is a rapidly-growing operation.

Production facilities are located in Denmark, Mexico, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Uruguay and the USA.

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Food Ingredients News  04 July 2018

kAAKAO makers push for legal change to gain proper chocolate status

04 Jul 2018 --- The low-sugar, organic, date-sweetened kAAKAO bar should be called “chocolate,” according to the founder of Nordchocolate Oy, the company behind the innovation. kAAKAO wants their product to be a leading light in driving revisions to the EU laws, which presently constitute not only a challenging barrier to the market but are also prohibitive consumers’ demands for healthier choices, it says.

Business News  05 February 2018

AAK posts solid year-end report and proposes new chairman

05 Feb 2018 --- Provider of value-adding vegetable oils & fats AAK has posted its interim report for the fourth quarter and year-end report 2017, showing a record-high year-over-year operating profit.

Business News  24 November 2017

Johan Westman appointed new president and CEO for AAK AB

24 Nov 2017 --- The Board of Directors of AAK AB has appointed Johan Westman as President and CEO of the company following the death of Arne Frank earlier this year. Westman is currently Senior Vice President Europe and Managing Director of the BlankLight division at Shiloh Industries. Shiloh Industries, Inc., with headquarters in Valley City, Ohio, USA, is a global innovative solutions provider to the mobility market with some 3,600 employees and revenues of approximately US$1 billion. 

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28 December 2017

Ensuring sustainability across palm, shea & coconut oils – AAK

One of the key themes at FiE 2017 was sustainability, and AAK is working to be a big part of it. “Sustainability is part of our DNA at AAK, we have been working with sustainability for many years. Now what we are looking into much more is the sustainability of the different oils that we source,” says Mads J Feer. In the past, AAK has focused on the sustainability of palm oil and shea oil, for example. Now, the company is looking to work toward the responsible sourcing of many oils. The company has also developed new movies of several supply chains it is working with.

07 December 2015

Innovative Solution to Tackle Chocolate Challenges in Tropical Markets

AAK’s TROPICAO has been developed to overcome heat-related bloom, the most frequent reason for chocolate quality complaints in hot climates. With AAK’s innovative solution, chocolate manufacturers in hot climate markets such as Latin America, Asia and the Middle East are able to produce bloom-stable chocolate and still maintain the chocolate’s sensorial properties. René Schou, Global Director CCF at AAK discusses the technology.

01 July 2014

Trans Fat Free Oil Solutions

Terry Thomas, President of AAK USA discusses the company's latest trans fat free oil solutions and product concepts.