Tapping into texture trends: UK launch for Crunchy Cranberries by Ocean Spray

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27 Nov 2018 --- UK-based supplier of fresh fruit, ingredients and fruit snacks, J.O. Sims Ltd, has launched Crunchy Cranberries by Ocean Spray in the British market. Tapping into sensory trends toward texture and crunchiness, the crunchy ingredient format has been created using a new drying process and is intended to provide food manufacturers with new application and innovation opportunities, based on the fruit’s distinctive texture.

Texture in general, as well as crunchiness in particular, are trending characteristics across many food sectors and markets, according to J.O. Sims’ Innovation Manager, Emma Raper. 

Crunchy Cranberries Sweetened Dried Cranberries are slowly baked using an Ocean Spray proprietary drying process which makes them stay crunchier for a longer time, she explains. Click to EnlargeThe new format can be used across multiple applications including cereal and confectionery segments. 

The new format can be used across multiple applications including cereal and confectionery segments. This innovative version is a healthy alternative to potato chips and is a good choice as a crunchy ingredient in mueslis, chocolate, salads, yogurt and many other foods, the company notes.

“This new fruit ingredient from Ocean Spray combines the aroma and bright red color of cranberries with a lasting crunchy texture, especially in snack, cereal and confectionery applications,” Raper says.

“The berries are robust, low in dust and free-flowing in processing. Not surprisingly they have a very low moisture content (<5 percent). We anticipate this new format being chocolate coated in confectionery, used as toppings for yogurt and salads, in cereals, or eaten as a crunchy ingredient in conventional trail-mixes or on their own as a snack.”

Crunchy Cranberries were launched at the SIAL food trade show last month, where they were nominated for the “SIAL Innovation Award.” 

FoodIngredientsFirst interviewed Natalia Willner, Team Manager Marketing of Bösch Boden Spies who was presenting Crunchy Cranberries.

“This is one of the newest products in the Ocean Spray product portfolio. The world market leader for cranberries has developed a new product which is baked instead of dried using an Ocean Spray proprietary drying process so it makes the cranberry a lot more crunchy than the sweet dried cranberries that we know,” she explains. 

“Texture is the main reason why this meets today’s trends and the requirements of the end-consumer who is looking for different taste experiences. This product is such a great, crunchy alternative to common snacks which we see in the market and since the snacking segment is growing constantly, a cranberry, a fruit-based snack alternative, is exactly the right thing.”

Watch the full interview here.

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