Stand Out From The Crowd With Faerch Plast's New Dual Colour Plastic Food Containers


01 Oct 2013 --- Eye-catching PET packs have the WOW factor and provide a major point of difference for premium convenience food ranges including oven to table lines.

Once again Faerch Plast has further reinforced its position as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of innovative plastics food packaging with the launch of a distinctive range of dual colour polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers primarily aimed at the premium convenience food market and oven to table lines in particular.

Developed by Faerch Plast’s dedicated in-house design department, these eye-catching new containers feature one colour on the outside surface and another on the inside, offering food retailers and manufacturers a major point of difference, as well as maximum on-shelf impact and brand appeal.
Faerch Plast’s dual colour trays are being targeted at high end convenience food products and are the ideal packaging solution for increasingly popular oven to table ready meals as they are attractive enough for the consumer to bring to the table happily, without fear of embarrassment.
Produced from either crystalline PET (CPET) or amorphous PET (APET), the new packs are available in a variety of sizes, styles and dual colour combinations.
In addition to standard colours, Faerch Plast can also develop bespoke colour combinations for special promotions or added individuality.

Joe Iannidinardo, Managing Director of Faerch Plast’s UK operation comments: “Food companies spend millions of pounds on new product development so it is vital that packaging reflects that investment and helps ensure their lines stand out from the crowd."
Joe continues: “Consumers also want the added convenience of packaging that they are not afraid to present at the table. This eliminates the hassle of having to decant the meal onto a serving plate which then has to be washed up.”

“The dual colour containers meet all these requirements and more. They are functional, aesthetically pleasing and will definitely enhance a product’s WOW factor,” he concludes.
Færch Plast’s CPET trays feature dual ovenability and a wide temperature tolerance from -4F (-20c) degrees to 430F (220c) degrees, for freezer-to-oven or microwave convenience. CPET eliminates negative effects on food flavour and aroma, giving consumers better protected, more versatile and better tasting meals. A top layer of co-extruded APET gives this type of packaging extremely good sealing properties and a superb glossy appearance.

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