Preparing for 2020: Ulrick & Short launches fat replacer for pastry

Preparing for 2020: Ulrick & Short launches fat replacer for pastry

01 Nov 2018 --- Since the UK Government laid out targets to reduce sugar and calories by 20 percent by 2020, manufacturers have had to consider nutritional profiles even more so than ever before. Cakes, pastries and sweet goods are the single largest bakery subsector, accounting for a third of overall bakery category sales and over 20 percent of NPD, according to data from Innova Market Insights. It is, therefore, no surprise that high-fat pastries have been identified as a target area for sugar, fat and overall calorie reduction. In response to this, clean label ingredient company, Ulrick & Short, has developed delyte 10 – a new ingredient designed specifically for pastry.

According to Ulrick & Short, bakers can now reduce up to 25 percent of fat, achieving overall calorie reduction in shortcrust pastry while still maintaining color, texture, bite and flavor. 

Declarable simply as “wheat flour,” delyte 10 is clean label, ensuring that back of pack declarations will remain transparent; it is also non-GM, dairy free and vegan-friendly – satisfying retailers and consumers alike. Moreover, the ingredient can be easily applied to other dry ingredients and so requires no factory process change, says the company.

Director at Ulrick & Short, Adrian Short, explains: “Bakers now need to stay ahead of the trend and be prepared for 2020. delyte 10 offers the functionality to satisfy and beat legislation, putting them in a good spot for 2020 and the inevitable further consumer and governmental pressure.”

He adds: “delyte 10 also has another major benefit. In the last 12 months, supply chain disruption in dairy and butter markets have shown just how volatile they can be. As well as improving nutritional profiles and label declarations, delyte 10 will help manufacturers with consistent recipe costings in mitigating these price fluctuations.” 

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Robert Lambert from Ulrick & Short also notes: “Industry demand for fat and calorie reduction is very high and is only set to grow. It is at the forefront of the minds of manufacturers, retailers, consumers which will intensify as regulators increase the pressure. Fat reduction in pastry and bakery is particularly desired as it is an easy target for regulators to target because of the association with high fat, sugar and calorie products. We have seen a considerable amount of interest in this already.” 

“This new fat replacer has been a very considerable in development to fine tune and ensure the best possible finish product quality,” adds Lambert. 

According to Lambert, Ulrick & Short has an extensive range of clean label fat replacers in their “delyte” range which can reduce fat in a variety of applications including bakery, ready meals, soups and sauces, desserts and processed meats.

“In light of the growing obesity crisis across Europe and the rest of the world, there is massive consumer and regulatory pressure to improve nutritional profiles of foods. Ingredients like delyte 10 and our range of sugar replacers, avanté, are becoming increasingly important to the manufacturer as they offer viable solutions to satisfy all.”  

“Governmental pressures are often the ‘trigger’ to set off NPD. They set a new standard within the industry, one which manufacturers must meet to stay buoyant in the market. On top of the push towards improving nutritional labels, label transparency and increasing pressure to remove allergens are significant challenges facing the industry,” he concludes. 

By Elizabeth Green

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