"Outstanding" citrus pectin research awarded by KaTech


29 Sep 2017 --- Food technology company KaTech Katharina Hahn + Partner GmbH has awarded the “KaTe” prize for pioneering food research for the very first time. Dr. Ing. Ulrike Sabine van der Schaaf from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) received the prize for her work on the emulsifying and emulsion stabilizing properties of citrus pectin. This hydrocolloid, which comes from renewable resources, can increase the availability of natural, plant-based emulsifiers for food products in the future. 

With the KaTech-prize, the company wants to reward young scientists for their commitment and research on ecological and social sustainability in food. It has been awarded in 2017 for the first time with prize money of €10,000. The board of trustees consisted of eminent personalities from the world of science together with the technical director of the company.  From now on, outstanding research projects will be awarded every three years.  

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Cyril Carrat of Katech, says: “The work from Dr. Van der Schaaf is especially exciting as it goes into exploring the emulsification properties of a hydrocolloid, pectin, which is traditionally used within the food industry for its gelling properties mainly in jams, jellies and bakery fillings.”

“She shows how the molecular weight, acetylation level and the amount of covalently bound proteins influence the emulsification capacity of pectin of various botanical origin and set up the technical ground for understanding how to use such ingredient to create food emulsions: future application work will determine where pectin with emulsification properties will find their place in the market,” notes Carrat.
Katharina Hahn explains: “For many years, I have taken a great interest in the major issues of how to ensure sufficient food for the growing population, without continuing to damage or pollute the habitat of our fauna or the natural environment overall. Mutual respect, tolerance and appreciation lay an important foundation for all my actions.” Click to Enlarge
Background Nutrition has always been one of the major concerns to the world. More than ever, there is a strong, worldwide demand for healthy and sustainable products. Producers, as well as the food processing industry and their suppliers need to take responsibility and find solutions for the future. KaTech Katharina Hahn + Partner GmbH is contributing by awarding the prize “KaTech” to support outstanding food research projects. 
The Hahn family has a long history in food. As early as 1844, Georg Carl Hahn brought a new way of food preservation to market – at that time a completely new process in Germany.   

Today, more than 160 years later, Katharina Hahn is looking to break new ground once more. Since its market entrance in 2012, KaTech has grown into a well-respected specialist for food technology solutions, especially for Organic, vegetarian and vegan products. The company is supplying customers all over the world.  

By Elizabeth Green

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