A mango advance? Esarom predicts huge market potential for flavor in 2018


06 Mar 2018 --- Mango is one of the most popular tropical fruits and is enjoyed all over the world in many different countries and cultures. This notion has led Esarom to believe that 2018 is the year of the mango.

The company offers a new range of mango flavors and a variety of product ideas. Mango flavor can be used very widely: From vitamin water to fruit drinks, mango frozen yogurt to yellow fruit gums, filled chocolates and even in combination with other fruits spices and herbs.

“Working on flavor pairing we spotted surprising combinations,” notes Isolde Tomann, senior flavorist and head of flavor creation at Esarom.

Global product launches show that mango flavor is also very popular in industrially produced foodstuffs and beverages. According to Innova Market Insights, there has been an increase of 240 percent during the last ten years in NPD, but what is driving this? Consumers know and love mango. The image of mango is a very positive one. In India, people speak of the two seasons, monsoon and mango. “One refreshes the earth, the other the soul,” they say. And where the mango is not native, one says: “Mango gives a holiday feeling in everyday life.”

In some countries, mangos grow freely in gardens, in other regions it is seen as a tropical fruit, which is more exceptional compared to that of pineapple or banana.

According to Esarom, many consumers long for warm sunny days, with the anticipation of mango lassi or spicy mango chutney.

Mangos are India's national fruit and Buddha is said to have enjoyed the cool shade of the mango tree for his meditation and as a model for the paisley pattern the mango went down in the history of design.

Alphonso is the queen of mangos. But what about Nam Dok Mai, Haden, Keitt, Kent, Osteen, Okrung or Tommy Atkins? There are around 1,000 mango varieties known – diverse in appearance and taste profile. The analysis of the taste profile of Alphonso identified 152 different flavors, there is a lot of unexplored potential of this fruit, and Esarom believes that this year could be the year of the mango.

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Simple food becomes a marvel of taste, turning something that is an essential part of life into one of life’s pleasures. We love this challenge. A family owned and run business since 1946, esarom stands not just for tradition and experience, but is also a leading supplier of flavouring ingredients to the food industry and the producers of beverages worldwide. 

Our product portfolio ranges from flavours, bases and compounds, emulsions, extracts, distillates, concentrates to color and additive products for non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, ice cream, confectionery, pastry and dairy products and savoury.

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