“Food as medicine”: Florida-based start-up shakes up feel good soup offerings

“Food as medicine”: Florida-based start-up shakes up feel good soup offerings

26 Nov 2018 --- Florida-based food start-up aha Pure Foods believes that food should serve as “the ultimate form of medicine.” The founders have only one goal: to provide the daily dose of minerals, vitamins and medicinal herbs and spices that are lacking in the Standard American Diet. The result is a conveniently prepared line of refrigerated, whole-food soup blends that combine the strengths of adaptogenic mushrooms, turmeric and other powerful plants from around the world.

Earlier this month, Innova Market Insights released their Top Ten Trends for 2019. Tipped as their number 2 trend, The Plant Kingdom suggests that the plant-based market shows no signs of slowing down and companies and brands are greening up their portfolios to attract mainstream consumers who want to add more plant-based options to their diets. For the mainstream consumer, going plant-based is about achieving a healthy and sustainable balance between meat and vegetables, rather than adopting an all-or-nothing way of eating.

Products that are clean label, natural and have health benefits are in vogue, and busy lifestyles are putting a spotlight on foods and beverages that can offer some stress relief and mood balancing effects.

FoClick to Enlargeunded by Chef Alfie Crescentini and Naturopath Wayne Garland two years ago at the Haile Plantation Farmers market located in Gainesville, Florida, aha’s soups are handcrafted in small batches using only natural ingredients. 

Both Crescentini and Garland firmly believe that healing begins in a person’s gut where more than 80 percent of the immune system lives. The duo recognized the need for a conveniently prepared, ready-to-eat health food that was cooked, rather than ultra-processed.  

Samantha Bove, CEO of aha Pure Foods states: “We are shaking up the soup industry by replacing artificial ingredients and high levels of sodium and sugars with whole foods that are alive with minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Our customers are continually surprised that this vegan product is delicious while leaving them feeling clear-headed, energized and focused. The line of soups is packaged in glass containers as opposed to plastic or aluminum, which limits not only our environmental impact but also our bodies from chemical toxins.”  

Innova Market Insights’ number 8 trend for 2019, “I Feel Good,” also relates to eating for functional and health gains. Since consumers are now more conscious than ever about what they put into their bodies, functional and health food have a bigger than ever presence on supermarket shelves. 

Currently, aha Pure Foods line of refrigerated soups include: 

● Lion’s Mane – Adaptogenic mushrooms (including lion’s mane and reishi) pair together to reduce stress and boost cognitive function 

● Fire-Proof – Turmeric, ginger and root vegetables combine to benefit joint stiffness and inflammation 

● Lucky Bone’s – A plant-based bone broth alternative formulated with deep-sea minerals and 24 grams of plant protein per jar, designed to soothe the digestive tract and promote gut health  

● Sweet Chi – Butternut squash bisque made with bitter melon, yacon root and Thai spices combine to promote pancreatic health and weight management  

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