Correction: Holista CollTech Limited patent story

26 Apr 2018 --- On January 9, 2017, FoodIngredientsFirst reported that Holista CollTech Limited had filed a patent for the world’s first low Glycemic Index (“GI”) sugar made out of all-natural ingredients based around a claim made in a submitted press release.

The article also stated that “unlike other alternatives which can only be used in beverages, such as artificial sweeteners, Holista’s natural low-GI sugar can be melted, baked and caramelized for use in all cooking applications.”

It has been brought to our attention that these two statements are false and/or misleading. 

Logista CollTech Limited’s low GI sugar ingredient was not the first as it was preceded by LoGiCane, made from 100% natural cane sugar and manufactured by CSR under license from the Product Makers. It was developed in 2008 and first sold on the Australian market in 2009, and has continued to be sold in Australia since that time. In addition, contrary to the suggestion that other alternative low-GI natural sugar products cannot be melted, baked or caramelized for use in all cooking applications, LoGiCane can be melted, baked and caramelized for use in all cooking applications.

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