Corbion launches vinegar-based mold inhibitor

Corbion launches vinegar-based mold inhibitor

11 Sep 2018 --- Corbion has launched Verdad MP100, a natural mold inhibitor, which matches calcium propionate for mold control and tops competing clean-label solutions.

Milestones in the evolving “clean label” trend occur when a natural solution can equal the efficacy of traditional synthetic solutions without undermining product quality, according to Corbion. That's happening now with the introduction of the company's Verdad MP100, a combination of vinegar and natural flavor that matches the mold-inhibiting functionality and flavor neutrality of calcium propionate, a synthetic solution long relied upon by the baking industry to extend the shelf life of bread.

“Many bakers want to replace chemical preservatives, but they worry about losing shelf life or compromising flavor,” explains Ashley Robertson, Market Manager-Bakery, at Corbion. “With Verdad MP100, they can have the shelf life and flavor they're used to, as well as the simpler ingredient label so many consumers want today.”

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Robertson explains: “In developing Verdad MP100, we had to find a way to neutralize the sour vinegar notes without impairing the vinegar’s mold-inhibiting ability. So we tested many, many combinations of vinegar and natural flavors to find just the right balance. We were in development for one and a half years and the end result is a product that delivers outstanding impact against mold without an impact on flavor.”

“In our product, vinegar is definitely a central component in delivering mold inhibition, but the real key to the kind of performance Verdad MP100 can provide in the synergy between the vinegar and other metabolic components.”

“There are no specific limitations to where the product can be used, but functionality and performance vary depending on the product and the moisture level of the product. Verdad MP100 works extremely well in commercial package bread, bread and rolls, tortillas, flatbreads and products with lower moisture levels,” Robertson notes. 

The new, naturally derived preservative is not the first clean label mold inhibitor to reach the market, but it is the first to equal the performance of calcium propionate without adversely affecting product flavor. In sensory testing, panelists were equally split in preferring bread containing MP100 and calcium propionate, respectively, with only 17 percent favoring the competing solution.

“Corbion has been producing natural solutions for the food industry through fermentation technology for more than 80 years,” Robertson continues, “And in developing Verdad MP100, we've created a truly clean-label mold inhibitor that doesn't ask manufacturers to give up anything at all.”

By Elizabeth Green

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