Beverage breakthrough: Roha launches solution for O-ring formations on bottlenecks

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27 Jun 2018 --- India-based colors company, Roha has launched an innovative solution to tackle the issue of neck ringing, the formation of the oily ring like stains on the necks of beverage bottles. Roha’s scientific experts have been working with clients in their labs and have revealed their so-called breakthrough product for the beverage industry: Natracol Ultima Yellow.

India-based colors company, Roha, believes it has a solution to this problem with a novel, natural pigment based formulation. A product under the Natracol brand, Ultima Yellow is a water dispersible liquid which imparts a yellow to orange shade in beverages depending upon the dosage.

Developed from a fungal beta-carotene source, Ultima Yellow has a beta-carotene concentration of 1 percent and has many advantages over its predecessors, according to Roha.

It disperses readily into beverage leaving no visible O-ring on the neck of the bottle, even during extended storage. Ultima Yellow is hugely stable to light and heat ensuring that there is no change in the shade or intensity of the color even when exposed to high processing temperatures or extended exposure to light.

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Rajani Singh, Manager for Corporate Communications & Branding at Roha says: “This solution is ideal for cloudy beverages. There is no technical limitation, the product instead eradicates the O-ring formation on the neck of the beverage bottles and is highly stable to temperature and light, which has been a problem in the past.”

In the US, Natracol Ultima Yellow must be labeled as “Beta-Carotene or Beta Carotene from Blakeslea trispora (USA),” and in the EU, it must be labeled as: “Color: 160a (iii) or Color: Carotenes or Color: Beta Carotene from Blakeslea trispora & Emulsifier: E445,” explains Singh. 

Many claimed that the O-ring formation was a bottleneck for the growth of the beverage industry, however, with Natracol Ultima Yellow this issue can be a thing of the past.

Brijesh Tibrewala, Jt. MD of Roha Dyechem comments: “Roha has always been known for innovations and industry-leading breakthroughs. It is this culture of finding new solutions to age-old problems that have brought Roha to the leadership position it holds in the color industry. Ultima Yellow is one more such solution. But it is not the last. Soon we hope to announce many more such innovative solutions that can help the F&B industries move ahead with confidence.”

Roha will present their new launch at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago next month. A preview of this and several other launches at the event can be found here.

By Elizabeth Green

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