DDW Launch Innovative Color Emulsions with Clear Liquid for the Beverage Industry

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06 Jun 2016 --- DDW have announced their launch of clear orange and clear yellow extensions to its EmulsiTech portfolio of liquid color emulsions.

Free from synthetic emulsifiers, the emulsions also feature an industry-leading, 12-month shelf life and very good stability in heat and light. Applications for the new EmulsiTech colorings include beverages, hard candy, fruit spreads and other food products.  

A spokesperson from DWW told FoodIngredientsFirst that beverages such as juice drinks and vitamin waters are potential applications for the emulsions: “We are currently sampling the ingredients to product developers and internally discussing plans for a launch in the near future in Europe.”
“We believe our novel paprika and beta-carotene liquid color emulsions are the first commercially available products with a natural emulsifier system to achieve visual clarity in beverages,” said Jason Armao, Senior Vice President, Science and Innovation.
The paprika emulsion – neutral in taste – provides a clear, natural orange alternative to either FD&C Yellow 6 or cochineal extract. The beta-carotene emulsion is available in either natural or nature-identical form. The EmulsiTech products are stable in acid with no ringing in solution.
“Not only do the new colors look brilliant in solution, they also provide an opportunity for customers to differentiate on principle display panels (PDP’s) of beverage and food products,” added Armao.
DDW manufactures a full portfolio of EmulsiTech color emulsions at its manufacturing site for natural food coloring in Louisville, Kentucky. The new plant, which opened in 2015, is adjacent to the DDW Global Support Center. Samples are available for customers. DDW will feature the innovative emulsions at the 2016 IFT Food Expo in Chicago, Booth 1809.
by Eizabeth Kenward

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