Aviko and Eurofrits Strengthen Ties and Seek Customer Benefits in Iberian Alliance

28 Apr 2009 --- The alliance will now be one of the leading potato and appetizer producers in Spain and Portugal. The objective is to further expand the marketshare in the coming years.

Aviko, based in Holland, and Eurofrits from Spain have reached a cooperation agreement resulting in an alliance for the Iberian Peninsula. For this purpose Aviko will take a financial stake in the Eurofrits company.

The Alliance will commercialise the total range of Aviko’s and Eurofrits’ products in Spain and Portugal. The alliance will now be one of the leading potato and appetizer producers in Spain and Portugal. The objective is to further expand the marketshare in the coming years.

Enrique de la Pedraja, CEO of Eurofrits and Peter Dekker, CCO of Aviko, are glad to announce the news. “Aviko has shown to understand the meaning of thinking globally and acting locally. We as a family owned company value local business and feel comfortable working with Aviko.” Peter Dekker: “The new set up combines the strength of both companies in one entity: a total portfolio of top quality potato products and appetizers sold and distributed by local professionals who know the way of doing business in Spain and Portugal.”

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