Plant-based food colors

Jan 2022

With global sustainability and personal health being important drivers of consumer choices, plant-forward innovation is setting the pace for the wider food industry, as identified by Innova Market Insights’ number two of the Top Ten Trends for 2022: “Plant-Based: The Canvas for Innovation”. This is seen in the use of plant-based colorings, with frequently used coloring ingredients being safflower, beetroot and carrot (Global, 2021), and on the rise coloring ingredients such as sweet potato, apple, and charcoal (Global, CAGR 2017-2021).


Fazenda Futuro Revolutionary Plant Burger with Meaty Texture and Taste (Brazil). Two revolutionary plant burgers based on vegetable protein, made from plants with the texture and taste of meat. Comes in a plastic standard tray, held in a carton board sleeve. Suitable for vegans. Antibiotic-free. 100% free of transgenic. Gluten-free. Contains soy derivatives. Biodegradable packaging. Recyclable packaging.
Plant-based colors: Beetroot powder and vegetable charcoal